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Re: English humour

Unread post by strider » February 2nd, 2011, 9:30 am

Human remains - back to the time when Rob Brydon actually looked like he was going to be funny.

Episode two is my favourite where Julia Davis is a 'textbook' healer and 'sex person'. (To quote Partridge :D) Brydon has got some classic lines in that one, but they're definitely of the Julia Davis flavour.

Brydon: "It's a wonderful gift healing, Roger (cameraman). I mean a lot of people, they're natural healers - y'know it's something they can't turn off, can't switch it off. Not so with Sheila (Davis) You learned it from a book didn't you..


“He laughed and slithered in his mess and dither as they decided to march to the moon..”

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