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James died sometime back now and his website went down a few years ago as well, Having found his website in the time machine :D I thought I might put some of it up.

A Brief Introduction to Ethnomycology

The experience attained by the Entheogenic [En(in)theo(God)gen(generation)] use of this mushroom is extremely valuable, yet the rules for experimentation of this type are unforgiving. Never eat any mushroom, unless you are absolutely certain that it is the one you want. Verify its identification with an expert mycologist. This is not a recreational experience. The Shamanic "DEATH (and REBIRTH) EXPERIENCE" is called that for a very good reason (it is, what it is). When experimenting with entheogenic mushrooms, always have a few friends along (as monitors) in case you need to be assured that you are not dying. Research this before experimenting. Plan a full day for your experience. This is not a scheduled substance, responsible and careful use will keep it that way. Be Smart, Ever onward. Most of all, JUST SAY KNOW.
-- James

For thousands (maybe millions) of years on our planet, humanity has been involved in a symbiotic relationship with plants. Not only have plants supplied mankind with a never ending food-source, the necessary nourishment for our bodies and life itself, but they have also served us in another way: an extremely important and intricate one, yet an often overlooked one. I am referring to those plants which, traditionally, have been known to pharmacologically expand human consciousness into the mystical/spiritual states. Every indigenous culture used these plants and each culture had a person or group of people they looked to for spiritual leadership and they were the plant-knowers (among the myriad of names you can ascribe to them). The contemporary study of these plants is called "Entheobotany", or "Ethnobotany". A sub-field (of this study), known as "Ethnomycology" is specifically dedicated to mushrooms which have consciousness expanding qualities, and therefore deep roots imbedded in the religious traditions, writings and indigenous knowledge of mankind. The term, "Ethnomycology" was coined by its father, the late Gordon Wasson. This line of study is constantly expanding as more and more correlations come to light regarding the usage of mushrooms in a particular culture or religion.

This is discovery of the most magnificent degree. We have uncovered the natural link between man, consciousness, and God. This discovery may at first seem abstract, wishful thinking, or even impossible; yet as evidence presented on these pages unfolds, you may find that its understanding does not require as much of a leap of faith as you might think. What is presented here is a significant discovery in the field of religious knowledge, and you are invited to be part of it! We should be jumping for joy and shouting from the housetops to the people of this planet to put their differences aside, and join in the commonality of the understanding that each and every one of us may now experience that which has been, until this time, hidden away in the recesses of our spiritual history. We may at last be actually ready to usher in the Golden Age of understanding, as the age of Aquarius dawns.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy as you enter the incredible world of Ethnomycology. http://web.archive.org/web/20060706174515/jamesarthur.net/mm.html

Amanita muscaria:
The Mushrooms that shaped Mankind Part 1
The Amanita muscaria mushroom can be found at the roots of most of the religious writings our planet has to offer. Yet you will find within these pages very little in way of endorsement of any particular religion. However, please bear with me when I interject my own philosophical opinions. Remember, I admit openly that I certainly do not know everything. This is the result of a serious study of the doctrinal/scriptural substance of each of the presented religions, and an exploration into the hidden symbology and meanings within them. The discovery that, although the Sacramental substance is unquestionably present, the organizations themselves have obscured the knowledge of it, was an enigma. That is, until the political nature at the roots of religion itself had been uncovered. Today's religions do not answer this important question. They explain it away as purely symbolic, or of no importance. Religion has polluted itself by denying its own source, and by removing the individual's ability to experience the effects produced by the substance that imparts Gnosis (the joining together of the consciousness with the consciousness of the Divine). By the removal of this key knowledge, religions themselves become lies; especially when the same systems inspired by Entheogens condemn their usage.

In today's society it has become taboo to present the expansion of consciousness by the use of any kinds of drugs/plants in a positive light. Such is the case when one discusses government or religion (or any other societal norm) in a negative light. While I have nothing positive to say about heroin, highly refined Coca (coke, crack), or amphetamines (crank), I feel that a blanket assessment of all drugs as being dirty is not only unfair, but a classic case of dis-information.

Drugs, in the psychedelic category, are commonly referred to these days (by those in the know) as "Entheogens", meaning simply; "the generation of God within"; for the experiencer, "the realization of God within ones own consciousness".

The facts are that there are many plants that have been known to expand consciousness, increase awareness of self, and initiate one into the nature of spirituality. Thousands of PhD. professors all over the world (in fields such as botany, ethnobotany, entheobotany, archaeology, anthropology, philology, philosophy, psychology, as well as a plethora of other inter-related fields) have written thousands of books/papers on the investigation and study of psychedelic plants. These writings have dealt with the use of such substances by spiritual practitioners in most every religion formed on the planet. Most people are out of the loop in knowing about any of this. Throughout history, each tribe/culture has looked for leadership and insight to the local Holy-man, or otherwise known as the Shaman, Healer, Priest, Mage, Sage, Yogi, Magician. The insight these leaders possessed was largely due to their experience and understanding of pharmacopoeia (use of plants) and the insight offered by the use of these things. "Pharmacopoeia" is the root of our English "pharmacy" or "pharmacist", and has been also translated as "witchcraft". Different tribes and peoples used different Entheogens, largely determined by local availability. The social power, respect, reverence, and authority held by the "pharmacopoeia-practicing" native shaman was/is a major problem for government and religion. It is the wanton jealousy for the power and control, held by these natives, which in turn, inspired the campaign to demonize and dis-repute Shamanism and pharmacopoeia as something of the devil. The Spanish (Catholic) inquisition and witch hunts (the murdering of over eight million people, tried as witches, and the stealing of their land and other propertiesdone in the name of God by the Church-government up until the 19th century) were prime examples of this. Also related to this church jealousy and greed is the matter of an estimated twenty million indigenous Central Americans murdered (exterminated), bringing about the near extinction of the Aztec/Inca/Mayan peoples, and the all-to-similar fate of indigenous North Americans ("American Indians"). The underlying agenda is the repression of the knowledge of Entheogenic plants that, if it succeeded, would insure the people's loyalty to established religion in all matters pertaining to God, primarily due to the inability of experiencing God for oneself. Since government and religion are the controllers of the world, an independent Shaman/Priest/Mage/Magician/Prophet is a threat to their power.

The sacramental use of Entheogens has only come into a bad/dirty light recently. This is largely due to the lumping together of any and all substances used by people (whether used for spiritual or recreation purposes) and then classifying them as "bad" (for you), "evil", "vile", and/or "dirty". This prohibition is the propaganda of the inept, corrupt, and oppressive (monetary based) war on drugs. In realty, despite the incredible amount of evidence that humanity's origins of spirituality are inseparably linked to Entheogens, governmental prohibition continues to rob each individual of their human right to directly access and understand the nature of spirituality through the traditional and ancient means provided by mother earth.

People who follow the government's lead in this field, without researching the subject on an individual basis, are usually quick to jump to conclusions and condemn things they really know nothing about. Unfortunately, there are many people who have not researched this subject and believe that anything the government says must be true, yet they have absolutely no personal experience or real understanding about the subject other than the government/media-released propaganda and dis-information geared to create their agenda-based opinion; an opinion really based on ignorance.

The agenda of the propaganda-pushers is not only sad but actually quite sickening because of the way it tends to lead the mindless masses of sheep right down the road to foolishness, causing them to become the unknowing pushers of the very same oppressive dis-information and propaganda which imprisons them, whilst believing the whole time that they are being right, proper, clean purveyors of the truth. As you will see, this subject is absolutely a matter of religious practice, and as such, it must be protected by Constitutional rights.
As Timothy Leary put it so well, "Psychedelics often produce psychotic and even violent behavior in those that have never used them".

The simple reality is that plant Entheogens are spiritual in nature.

I prefer "Just say know" to the oppressive fascist propaganda "Just say no"

One more thing before we get going...

Its the use of heroin, crack, and crank that the government throws on the table to cause panic in the minds of people (claiming ignorance to the efficacious properties of Entheogens), that has allowed them to erode the Constitution away into a now historical document, by passing unbelievable laws all under the guise of stopping the use of drugs and saving our precious children from the "vile drug-pusher", while all along it's been the O.S.S. and then the C.I.A. in bed with the Mafia and local government officials that bring the highly addictive drugs (Heroin/Cocaine/Crack), that destroy peoples lives, into the Country, and then distribute them locally. If you don't think this could be true, then take a look at this:

The CIA/OSS and the "War on Drugs"

You have heard the official state position on this, how could you miss it unless you were a hermit or just not paying attention. Then again media may still influence you even though you aren't paying attention.
Now look at the documented evidence.

Perhaps our favorite free-thinkers and musicians, by taking certain plants, and smoking certain herbs (also with a long religious history) should be praised for the insight and understanding they have received in life through these things, not be condemned and thought of as dirty for their use of the same. Of course, Heroin problems are very dangerous and damaging, and I am not talking about that. Besides, it is the highly addictive properties of these drugs that are exactly what make the Mafia/C.I.A./Government wet their lips from excitement (due to huge profits involved), not caring what damage they do to people. Also the natural plant Entheogens are not a hot commodity for them, partly because they actually make you think, which is one of the things those agenda-driven, power & money-hungry monsters would prefer you didn't do.

With that said, lets get going...

"Prohibition was introduced as a fraud; it has been nursed as a fraud. It is wrapped in the livery of Heaven, but it comes to serve the devil. It comes to regulate by law our appetites and our daily lives. It comes to tear down liberty and build up fanaticism, hypocrisy, and intolerance. It comes to confiscate by legislative decree the property of many of our fellow citizens. It comes to send spies, detectives, and informers into our homes; to have us arrested and carried before courts and condemned to fines and imprisonments. It comes to dissipate the sunlight of happiness, peace, and prosperity in which we are now living and to fill our land with alienations, estrangements, and bitterness. It comes to bring us evil - only evil - and that continually. Let us rise in our might as one and overwhelm it with such indignation that we shall never hear of it again as long as grass grows and water runs."
-- Roger Q. Mills of Texas, 1887, quoted repeatedly during a December 1914 debate in Congress over Prohibition

The Hidden Meanings of Christmas

After studying the Amanita muscaria mushroom for some twenty years, I fell into the company of some very enthusiastic folks who insisted that I commit this study to writing. It is one thing to talk about the many various religious writings which I have been looking into, and found ample mushroom symbology to present a verbal case for ethnomycological reference, but another thing entirely to compile it into book form. For one thing, in order to present a full scope of significant inter-religious connections verbally one can jump from one religious context to another, traversing a wide scope of references in several religions, weaving an overall scope of the similarities found in each. But in order to write a book on the subject I found that separating the different religious references into their respective chapters was the best way to go. So I try to limit the temptation to jump from one religion to another, and keep it to a minimum.

Within the study of world religion one finds philosophical systems. These are the philosophies that the respective believer adopts as their understanding of life itself. State-ism must be considered a religion in its own right, as even those who profess no religious preference or belief adopt a philosophical view of reality based upon a state/culturally conditioned belief system. These belief systems are also based upon religious philosophies that are brought into fruition through media and popular opinion. Were the many state and religious philosophies to be based upon truth and justice the world would not have an incredible history of bloodshed, wars and oppression. Therefore, religions and state indoctrinated belief systems share commonality of basic philosophical principles, and all of them must be looked into with an objective point of view. This must be done in order to dispel falsehood. It is not difficult to see that the condition of life on our planet leaves much to be desired. Societal conditioning plays an important part in developing individual belief systems. In some ways this could be considered a good thing, but in other ways it may be intrinsically bad. The study of ethnomycology cannot simply be the study of religion and its association with mushrooms per-se' because by its very nature it must examine the philosophical principles of the religions which have an ehtnomycological connection. I need to explain this in order to set the stage for what is to come within these pages. This is not only an examination of ehtnomycological associations throughout history but is also an examination of those religions which show evidence of having ethnomycological association, yet currently deny this association due to corruption of their root principles.

So this study will deal with ethnomycology as a base, but will also delve into psychology, ethnology, philology, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, art, history, religion, myth, culture, symbology, and philosophy.

I will begin this book with the study of Christmas and its associated symbols and icons because after studying most of the world’s religions and their associated philosophies, I have found this to actually be a religion in its own right and quite pure philosophically.

What are the origins of the Christmas traditions? Most people never think to ask this question. Those that do, find a seemingly complete dogmatic system of explanation. Then, of course, one day there is that discovery that Santa Claus does not really exist. But... Does he? Many things have been written in an attempt to trace Christmas' development. You can find people who consider themselves experts in this field, and even books on this subject. I suppose you could call the field "Santa-ology", or perhaps even "Santa-ism". Yet, long lost, deeply underlying the realms of simple tradition, are very amazing symbolic connections and origins that are either long- forgotten or were/are intentionally overlooked. The basic philosophy behind Christmas is; if you are good you will receive a present under the tree, if you are bad then you receive no present. In some cultures those who are bad even receive punishment delivered by various means and personages. This is a very simple philosophical system. Santa Claus is an all-knowing icon that reads the hearts and intentions of everyone on the planet. Each child is told the story of the round-man (who wears red and white) and his associates; reindeer, little people and Mrs. Claus. They are also told the story of a miraculous worldwide flight in a sleigh which results in presents being delivered under a tree. Yet when a child reaches the age of reasoning he is informed that this story is all a fabrication. This revelation is devastating upon the psyche of a young mind. It is also at this time that the child is often comforted, and pacified from the shock, by very strong reinforcement that the religious system which the parents or guardians profess are indeed factual. And an attempt is made to incorporate the respective religious traditions into the holiday as the REAL meaning for the celebration. There is an alternative to this cultural conditioning and shock-relief system of indoctrinations, into the realities of life, which is based upon truth and is much more interesting than even the simple traditional understandings of Christmas themselves. The key to this alternative is encoded within the icons and symbols of Christmas. To know the meanings behind the symbolism to which most people only attach dogmatic explanations, is to open the doorway to understanding the very roots of many other religions as well. Several books have been written about the Amanita muscaria mushroom. This mushroom is found growing all over the world under Pine (& other coniferous trees), Birch, and sometimes Oak. The Pine tree is one of the well-known central relics of Christmas. Under this tree is where those who are deemed good find their reward in the form of a present. A big red and white rounded mushroom grows under the very tree we are to look under on Christmas morning to find our gift. If we can find that this present does indeed exist. If we can find that reindeer are thought to be able to fly for a very good reason, and we can show that traditionally they carry people spiritually through the air in a way that defies the laws of time. And further, if we can show that the philosophical idiom "be good not bad" is really the universal truth, would we have sufficient basis for discarding the established religious dogmas which traditionally replace the Christmas tale, and instead simply expand the story to reveal the more esoteric principles upon which it is based?

It is my assertion that the traditional day of reckoning wherein it is revealed; Santa Claus is not real, Reindeer do not fly, there is no present under the tree (unless placed there by a deceiver), is a dis-information campaign geared towards conditioning the young mind to be unable to comprehend the information which is presented herein. I also assert that the devastating blow of the destruction of a belief, and the associated reinforcement of "Christianity" (or other religious system) is psychologically designed to support the replacement information which is given as a comforting foundation during a time of shock and crisis, and is explained as something that will never be revealed as false (like Santa and all that fantasy).

It is also my conclusion that this event subliminally plays an important role for religious systems that wish to suppress the expansion of consciousness through fear of the unknown. The psyche is scarred deeply when it is forced to deal with realizing it has accepted a falsehood as truth. And when it deals with plants and things found under trees, subliminally, one armors oneself against these concepts. There develops an unconscious fear of falling into the same trap. Of course this is also pacified through replacing the meaning of things like the pine tree. Interestingly, in some traditions the Pineal gland is thought to be the seat of the human soul. It is shaped exactly like a pinecone (hence the name Pine-al). Apparently, it is also an autonomous part of the brain, resting in the dead center, not attached to any other part of the brain; sort of a floating pinecone in the center of the human brain. Perhaps we have a lot more in common with the Pine tree than we thought. This gland, and its endogenous secretions, as well as other relevant implications, will be further discussed in a later section. But it is interesting to note; due to cultural phenomenon, the pineal gland atrophies during youth, which corresponds to this timely day of reckoning, and even begins to calcify during puberty. This atrophy/calcification causes a reduction of Pineal endogenous secretions.

The Santa Claus and Christmas traditions of today have metamorphosed out of many older mythologies. The icons, symbols, and relics that have managed to survive from the "Winter Solstice" celebrations of old, have a commonality that deserves some reflection, study, and perhaps even some reverence. Understanding that these traditions are borrowed ones, is central to getting at the heart of the true meaning of Christmas.

Santa as a Shaman
Today's Santa Claus is a metamorphosis of many older mythologies, including Thor or Donner (German Donar) who wears red and rides in a Golden Flying Chariot pulled by two Goats (Cracker and Gnasher). In a sense, these goats were the ancestors to the now popular reindeer. What would the red and gold clad angel be doing with that nice basket? An Easter basket at Christmas is an interesting concept.
Christmas is commonly thought of as a Christian holiday (the birth of Jesus). Many Christian beliefs and traditions were borrowed from more ancient religions and mythologies. This is well documented by authors such as Gerald Massey, Godfrey Higgins, Robert Graves, Kersey Graves and many others. The virgin birth, the incarnation of God, the sacrament, Christmas, Easter, etc. have all been adopted/stolen by Christianity as its own.

It is well documented by fundamentalists (apologists) that the Christmas traditions are Pagan in origin.. This simply means that their origin comes from the traditions of the country-folk (pagan). By contrast, the Pagan origins of most of the other attributes of Christianity are vigorously denied. It is also very easy to obscure, overlook and discredit the Egyptian, Mithraic, Germanic, Norse, Celtic, Greek, Hindu and Buddhist roots by lumping all non-Christian religions together and labeling them Pagan. These are certainly not simple country-folk religions. So to just say Christmas has Pagan roots, and not go further, is glossing over what exactly those roots are, and discrediting their study as worthless. Christmas icons, traditions and stories have hidden meanings. Although not initially apparent, a more thorough investigation reveals far more symbolic content (which is decipherable) than originally suspected. At the roots of this symbolism research is information about the secrets of the mushroom, regarding its habitats, forms, uses, preparations, and effects.

Shaman of Siberia and the Russian icon, St. Nicholas, both play parts in the tale of Christmas, providing clues as to where Christmas came from and why there are certain symbols associated with the holiday. It is these types of clues that will help (the questors) in the deciphering of the symbols. Siberian Shaman used/use (despite governmental oppression) the Amanita muscaria as a religious sacrament. It is used for spiritual vision, out-of-body travel into the realms of the spirits, and as a plant-spirit guide in teaching and healing. The value of the inebriant is placed highly among the commodities of the native tribesmen, fetching reindeer pelts, meats, and all manner of tradable goods in payment and barter. Interesting to note: If you aren't quick enough in the hunt, you will find only the mushroom stubs, the rest greedily gobbled up by the hungry reindeer. Christmas is commonly thought of as a Christian holiday (the birth of Jesus). Many Christian beliefs and traditions were borrowed from more ancient religions and mythologies. This is well documented by authors such as Gerald Massey, Godfrey Higgins, Robert Graves, Kersey Graves and many others. The virgin birth, the incarnation of God, the sacrament, Christmas, Easter, etc. have all been adopted/stolen by Christianity as its own.

It is well documented by fundamentalists (apologists) that the Christmas traditions are Pagan in origin.. This simply means that their origin comes from the traditions of the country-folk (pagan). By contrast, the Pagan origins of most of the other attributes of Christianity are vigorously denied. It is also very easy to obscure, overlook and discredit the Egyptian, Mithraic, Germanic, Norse, Celtic, Greek, Hindu and Buddhist roots by lumping all non-Christian religions together and labeling them Pagan. These are certainly not simple country-folk religions. So to just say Christmas has Pagan roots, and not go further, is glossing over what exactly those roots are, and discrediting their study as worthless. Christmas icons, traditions and stories have hidden meanings. Although not initially apparent, a more thorough investigation reveals far more symbolic content (which is decipherable) than originally suspected. At the roots of this symbolism research is information about the secrets of the mushroom, regarding its habitats, forms, uses, preparations, and effects.

Shaman of Siberia and the Russian icon, St. Nicholas, both play parts in the tale of Christmas, providing clues as to where Christmas came from and why there are certain symbols associated with the holiday. It is these types of clues that will help (the questors) in the deciphering of the symbols. Siberian Shaman used/use (despite governmental oppression) the Amanita muscaria as a religious sacrament. It is used for spiritual vision, out-of-body travel into the realms of the spirits, and as a plant-spirit guide in teaching and healing. The value of the inebriant is placed highly among the commodities of the native tribesmen, fetching reindeer pelts, meats, and all manner of tradable goods in payment and barter. Interesting to note: If you aren't quick enough in the hunt, you will find only the mushroom stubs, the rest greedily gobbled up by the hungry reindeer.

Christmas Ornaments
One of the traditions, of ornamenting a tree, comes from the tradition of "The Paradise tree", a fir tree decorated with apples (representing the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden). This ‘fruit’ will be discussed later as the Amanita. During Germany's Middle Ages, a popular play, which was symbolic of the paradise story, was staged on December 24th (the religious feast day of Adam and Eve) . Two more symbolic connections with the mushroom are the candles and cookies that were also hung on the tree (candles = Christ; cookies = wafers of the Christian sacrament). This ornament is of particular interest because of its association with the fruit of the tree of knowledge and the Amanita muscaria. This indicates that there have always been people "In the Know" from time to time. According to Apocryphal texts and other older ones, the "Fruit of the Tree of Life" and the more recently added "Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge" were originally one in the same.

So, why do people bring Pine trees into their houses at the Winter Solstice, placing brightly colored (Red and White) packages under their boughs, as gifts to show their love for each other and as representations of the love of God and the gift of his Sons life?

It is because, underneath the Pine bough is the exact location where one would find this "Most Sacred" Substance, the Amanita muscaria, in the wild (in Nature). These mushrooms grow in a symbiotic/mycorrhizal relationship with the Pine tree, which means they always grow underneath it. The symbolic placing of gifts under the tree at Christmas is a sort of proxy-present-giving action, whereby the celebrants ritually mimic the work of God/Santa/Nature, by placing under the tree a gift (actually The gift). Big clue here: Winter brings rain; rain brings mushrooms, In the mountains, at Christmas time, under the Pine trees. Then and there will you find that which unlocks the key mysteries of the Universe, through a multi-dimensionalizing of the consciousness in a way that no other known substance can. This Gnosis (joining together of your mind with the mind of the Universal Consciousness) is what the Sages, Mystics, Teachers, and Prophets were attempting to communicate through their rampant symbolism. (Had they not feared persecution, they may have spoken of it openly and directly in public documents.)

The Christmas Tree
All over the world, people bring Coniferous trees into their houses and place brightly colored packages underneath them. In Nature, this is where you will find the Amanita muscaria (under coniferous trees). The actual mushroom "plant" is the underground "mycelium" or "mycorrhizae", which is directly attached to the tree roots; the mushroom itself is only the fruit-body of the mycelium. The mushroom is literally the Fruit of the Tree. They grow in a mycorrhizal (not parasitic) relationship with the tree. Many people follow the tradition/custom of bringing a tree into the home and putting presents under it, yet have absolutely no idea why. Even people that think they know, usually have no knowledge of these mushroom connections. The true symbolic meaning transcends dogmatic etymological and historical evidence, by revealing itself in the totally obvious iconography and historically associated myths and traditions.

1 Saint Nicholas is the patron Saint of children in Siberia (Russia), a supplanter to the indigenous Shaman.
2 The Amanita muscaria mushrooms grow nearly exclusively under the Christmas (Coniferous) Trees (Birch also [another whole story]).
3 The Reindeer eat these mushrooms, hence the presumed flight.
4 Santa brings presents in his white bag/sack. Mushrooms are gathered in bags, and Amanita muscaria sprouts out of a white vulvae sack.
5 The mushrooms are red and white and grow under a green tree. Christmas colors are red, white and green.
6 Typically, the red and white mushrooms are dried by stringing them on the hearth of the fireplace. Christmas stockings are red and white, hung in the same way, and shaped similar.
7 The Virgin Birth is symbolic for the "seedless" growth/germination pattern of the mushroom. To the ancient mind, with no microscope to see the spores, it's appearance was thought to be miraculous.
8 The very name, "Christmas" is a holiday name composed of the words, "Christ" (meaning "one who is anointed with the Magical Substance") and "Mass" (a special religious service/ceremony of the sacramental ingestion of the Eucharist, the "Body of Christ"). In the Catholic tradition, this substance (Body/Soma) has been replaced by the doctrine of "Trans-substantiation", whereby in a magical ceremony the Priests claim the ability to transform a "cracker/round-wafer" into the literal "Body of Christ"; ie, a substitute or placebo.

Saint Nicholas
Saint Nicholas, known as the "Patron Saint of Children" (among other things), is the most revered saint in Russia, second only to the apostles. He is the Russian Orthodox Church's supplanter to the native people's highly respected local Shaman. A Shaman is a holy man that is well acquainted with a form of spirituality that incorporates plant entheogens which facilitate the NDE (Near Death Experience), or "out of body" experience. Saint Nicholas may not have been a shaman, yet the symbolism on, and coloring of his robes could lend to speculation. The equilateral-circumscribed-cross is an ancient symbol for Christianity and the Holy Grail, it is also another mushroom symbol.

The ancient shamanic use of Amanita muscaria in Siberia is well documented. Despite governmental oppression against its use, there are still many who refuse to accept the authorized state religion, and continue the shamanic traditions in secret. Just as the Siberian shaman (commonly dressing in red and white) would enter through the opening in the roof of a home where a ritual was to be done, Santa Claus also arrives on the roof and enters through the chimney. Just as the shamans would gather the mushrooms in bags which they would bring with them when performing a ceremony, Santa Claus also (on the Holy Day) brings presents in a bag. The Santa Claus we see today evolved from traditions developed in Germany. It is fairly common knowledge that the Weihnachtsmann (St. Nick) was an amalgamation of older Germanic/Norse gods such as Thor, Donner, Odin and Wotan. What's missing here is just as Santa flies through the skies in his sleigh, Odin (as well as the rest) rode through the sky in his chariot, which is depicted in the stars by "The Big Dipper". The Big Dipper is the chariot of Odin & Wotan, Thor, King Arthur, and even Osiris (of Egypt). The chariot that circles the North Star in a 24 hour period is thus also known as the sleigh of Santa Claus because it circles his mythological home, the North Pole. It is no surprise that Nordic/Germanic gods have connection to mushrooms in their mythology. As Thor throws his mushroom-shaped hammer to the ground, mighty thunders and lightning cracks cause the real mushroom(s) to appear. As the horses pulling Odin through the sky in his chariot become over-exerted, their blood-mingled spit falls to the ground and causes the Amanita mushrooms to grow at those exact points. The Osiris mythology has even more to add to this. To the Egyptians; South was up (North). Osiris was the lord of the underworld, the South, (South=down) which is why he circles the sky in the furthest possible lower (southern) area. Not only did Osiris ride the sky in a chariot, but after his death Isis found that an evergreen (Cedar) had grown overnight from a dead stump to full-sized (this also relates to the Djed pillar); which was understood as a sign of Osiris' rebirth and immortality. Interestingly, the traditional birth of Osiris is the 25th of December. The 25th of December was also celebrated annually by putting presents around the Cedar tree. This tradition is at least five thousand years old. The birth of Horus to the goddess-virgin-mother, Isis, is perhaps the eldest representation of the goddess/son mythology, yet it is impossible to know this or the real age of the Astro-theological-Virgo-giving-birth-to-the-child/god/star mythology for sure. However it is the oldest source I have found; it is very old.

Drying the mushrooms was/is a necessary procedure typically accomplished by stringing them up (like popcorn) and hanging them above the hearth of the fireplace. shamans and lay people alike, would gather and dry them. They gather all they can since they are a valuable commodity. Reindeer (native to Siberia) are known to be quite fond of eating these mushrooms. The mythology of flying Reindeer reflects the supposed pharmacological effects of such a meal.

It is important to point out that this Christmas/Winter Solstice celebration, with all its various counterparts, transcends the world's religions. The reason that this celebration is held all over the planet in various forms may have something to do with this other commonality at which we are looking; it is certainly entwined in the symbolism.

Here are some other countries' names for Santa Claus:
Australia Santa Claus
British Isles Father Christmas
China Dun Che Lao Ren (dwyn-chuh-lau-oh-run)
Czechoslovakia Svaty Mikalas
Denmark Julemanden
France Pere Noel or le petit Jsus
Germany Saint Nicholas or Weihnachtsmann
Greece Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus
Iceland Jolasveinar. (13 of them) Stekkjarstaur, Giljagaur, Stufur, Thvorusleikir, Pottaskefill, Askasleikir, Hurdarskellir, Skyrgamur, Bjugnakraekir, Gluggagaegir, Gattathefur, Ketkrokur and Kertasnikir.
Italy Babbo Natale
Japan Hoteiosho
Netherlands Sinterklaas
Norway Julebukk
Russia Saint Nicholas
Scandinavia Julenisse
Spain Balthazar
Sweden Tomte
Wales Tad nadolig
United States Santa Claus

This list is by no means complete; it was partially obtained from The World Book Encyclopedia.

A sacred meal setting and service
This place setting and service was contributed by a very Laurence Stickney, he has been always an inspiration to me. It is certainly a real fine example of what a truly enlightened Christmas meal is all about. You don't have to read very far into this symbolism to realize what the table is saying about dinner. The idea of a "Sacred Meal" is incorporated into many ancient traditions that also celebrated the birth of the God on December 25th. The Sun, as it reaches the winter Solstice, ends its course across the heavens and appears to stop for 3 days, then it begins anew its trek across the heavens towards the Northern hemisphere. This 3 day "stoppage" was mythologized as the death of the Sun of God on the cross of the celestial 4 points, and after the 3 day waiting period as it began another precession across the sky, it was thought to return to life. Later mythologies transfer the death on the cross to a hanging on wood, and the 3 day death to the Son (Sun) being locked inside a tomb. The fact that the mushrooms must be dried before consumption is another euphemism of the god needing to die, or sacrifice himself, to save mankind through atonement (at-one-ment).

This is only the beginning: only a few of the associations between this mushroom and Christmas traditions; there are more. Here are some synonymous names and/or terminologies given to this mushroom throughout history, many of which we will be exploring further. In fact, there are so many that expounding upon them could take a lifetime, therefore, obviously, this list is not all-inclusive. The Egyptian term; "the God of a thousand names" begins to make sense as this research begins to encompass so many other traditions, mythologies and religions.

1 SOMA (Hindu plant-god). Soma is also Greek for "body".
2 Amrita (Buddhist Magical Sacrament).
3 Ambrosia (Greek, "Food of the Gods").
4 The Holy Grail (note the Grail-like shape of the upturned muscaria mushroom; "Vessel containing the blood of the God").
5 Fruit of the Tree of life: Fruit of the Tree = the mushroom; the main body (mycellium) growing underground in a
6 Symbiotic relationship with the Pine tree.
7 The Golden Fleece
8 The Fountain of Youth: Ponce De' Leon is likely to have unknowingly kicked over the very thing for which he was searching; the red muscaria grows under Longleaf Pine in northern Florida in December.
9 Haoma: Islamic Sacrament.
10 Manna: There are two kinds in the Bible; see John ch. 6 to 14. Manna means "mushroom".
11 Bread of Life: Yes, it's the "Loaf of Bliss".
12 Fountain of Living Waters: Its alive, 90% water, and shaped like a fountain.
13 Hidden Manna: See Rev. 2:17
14 The Cosmic Egg, The Easter Egg (What are we really mimicking at Easter? The mushroom hunt, OF COURSE).
15 The Prima Materia/Philosophers stone: The secret substance of the Alchemists (Get Clark Heinrich's book "Strange Fruit" for this one; fascinating!).
16 Soma: The Hindu plant God and elixir of immortality.
17 The Flesh of the God: The mushroom is very flesh-like and is depicted so.
18 The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge/Life.
19 The Flesh of Jesus, and other Gods (Take and eat. This is my "body" [Greek, "SOMA"]).
20 The Hammer of Thor: The shape is obvious. Thor throws his mushroom-shaped hammer to the ground in a bolt of lightning and a mighty thunderous CRACK. Lightning is the mythical creator of the mushroom.
21 The Small White Stone: The infant state of the mushroom resembles a small white stone.
22 The Elixir of Immortality: The churning-of-the-milky-ocean myth describes this in a phenomenal way.
23 The Feathered Serpent: From its first egg-state to its snake-looking second state, then shedding its universal veil (shedding its skin) and finally upturning its cap (gills resembling feathers). The feathered serpent is cosmopolitan in its symbology.
24 The Phoenix: From the ashes (spores) the egg appears. Then comes the upturned cap resembling a gold and red colored bird (the gills as feathers). Then the heat (sun) burns the mushroom and it dissolves, once again leaving only ashes (spores), and finally repeating the whole cycle.
25 Ankh: Waters and life, or the waters of life in Egypt.
26 Rudra: The Hindu red god of the forest.
27 Djed: The phallus or pillar of Osiris.
28 The One Eyed Howler: The round eye shape which represents the vision of the universe.
29 The Eye of Horus: (Djed-Eye) Sound familiar?
30 The World Tree: The mushroom is thought to be the creator of the world, in many cultures.
31 Celestial Food: The food of the Gods in the Egyptian "Book of the dead".
32 Aten: The Egyptian winged-disc.
33 Fly Agaric: Although "Fly" is commonly thought of in association with the "House-fly", there is also evidence that it refers to the act of "flying", as in taking spiritual flight.

Many times these representations are used severally in one depiction.

"If people let government decide which foods they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
-- Thomas Jefferson


I'll do some more later.



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"THE HOLY GRAIL" Mushroom symbology in popular myth.


Figure 9. The Holy Grail
Amanita muscaria, long associated with the "Flesh of the God" in religious sacraments, was and is the true Holy Grail. The Grail cup, holding the blood of the god, is an obvious analogy for the shape of the fully-grown specimen and its juices. Note the look of the fully grown specimen. The imagery of a cup or fountain are two of the more pronounced symbols used to keep the understanding of the true nature of the sacrament a secret from everyone but the "Elite". In its infant (button) state, the muscaria resembles a small white stone. The pulling of the sword from the stone (a symbol of wielding the power), is another Arthurian legend connecting the mushroom to the myth. The quest for the Grail itself is the quest for the knowledge of the mushroom. The Parcival myth depicts paths (traditions), which are to be explored (but not adhered to), in order to complete the quest. This quest is described in the myths as a journey into the forest (the world) and finding paths (systems) which one may follow, for a time, but ultimately one must blaze his/her own trail in order to truly reach the final goal, the Holy Grail (the discovery and usage of the mushroom).

The search for the Holy Grail is a mythology that has become, through adaptation, a part of the story of the Crucifixion. Some of the stories incorporate a cup which was used to catch some of the flowing blood of Jesus as he died on the cross. This cup, like many other relics, was thereby thought to possess magical powers. Historically, the mushroom has been the container for the juice of the "elixir of immortality", or the "blood of God", in many myths. The final shape of the muscaria, with its inverted cap, is the reason that the cup/fountain/grail symbology is used in the stories. King Arthur, as a child, gained his rightful place as King by pulling the sword from the stone. This is symbolic for wielding the power of the mushroom. The stone is a metaphor for the mushroom, and pulling the sword from it is symbolic of being able to crack the code and possess the power of the magical plant. After Arthur took ill (in his later years) he was told that he must seek and find the Holy Grail to renew his strength and re-acquire his power.


"Christianity" The popular western religion.

Christianity is a religion with a dubious history, yet many of the doctrines and stories are worth study. It is a religion which was created for political reasons. Constantine, The Emperor of Rome, knew one of the most basic tenets of government was the control of its people. The governmental control of people becomes much easier and effective when that government is able to also assume a "divine" authority. Although Rome holds no exclusive right to this idea, they certainly have etched their mark on history, enforcing their particular political machine. Christianity is the product of a governmental council acquiring and examining as many of the world's religious doctrines they could find; in order to create a "One World Religion". They took ideas and doctrine from Egyptology, Mithraism, Hinduism, Buddhism, the Torah of the Jews, and many others, picking the parts they wanted to include, altering them as they wished, discarding the parts they did not want included, and finally compiling their own plagiarized (and altered) writings to create the new Catholic (one from all) Bible. Since this was a plagiarized and altered conglomeration of many older works, many symbolic tenets have managed to retain their original meanings.

The primary purpose of this investigation is to explain these hidden meanings in as simple a form as possible. Much linguistic evidence, thoroughly covered by John Allegro in The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, clearly demonstrates that mushrooms played a huge role in the written word. I will try to shed light on the basic philosophical nature behind the religion by examining and explaining the hidden symbolism in the doctrines themselves, opening up a deeper (though simplified) meaning to the texts. Keep in mind the particular points I will deal with, for now, will be those which have survived the cutting-room-floor, and simply because these things are to be found within should not imply that this compilation of altered works is, as a whole, something I consider a true religious document. Once you understand where to look, the ideas presented here will unlock the secret meanings of the book we know as the Bible. Then I will point out the same ideas and symbols, as they are found in the pre-Christian world, which gave birth to these myths, in an attempt to trace them to their eldest source.

Political and even Fascist elements, in the book, will be explored later. These elements are the result of corruption of the original source-documents, as well as the re-incorporation of older Patriarchal systems.

"The truth will set you free
but first it will piss you off."
-- Gloria Steinham


Figure 10. The Christian MANNAS revealed
John Marco Allegro, one of the worlds leading philologists, put his neck on the line when he wrote his book, "The Sacred Mushroom And The Cross", which made numerous connections from sacred doctrinal enigmas and sacraments to the Amanita muscaria. He fearlessly attempted to expose the reality of the mushroom symbolism throughout the Bible, Apocryphal writings, and The Dead Sea Scrolls. He was fully aware of the criticism his book would draw, yet as a true scholar, knowing the importance of the information, he put self aside for the good of all. Most criticism surrounding Allegro is a remnant of the fundamentalist bashing he took for exposing the Jesus Myth. Jesus IS the mushroom Anthropomorphized just like Santa, Mithra, Chrishna, Rudra etc.

Allegro linguistically linked the SOMA (Greek=Body), the Manna (Sumerian = Mushroom), (of which there are two kinds), the names Jesus, James, and John, the Fruit of the tree of Knowledge, and the symbol of the cross, to the Amanita muscaria, by stating that all of these names and terms (and others) were synonyms and wordplay for the hidden identity of the mushroom. Needless to say, he had the religious scholars doing flips. The biblical apologists instantly jumped on the bandwagon of attempting to disprove anything he said. Although he did stretch the boundaries (at least twice) of some established scholarship, the proof is in the pudding (so to speak) and most of his associations are beyond repute. Besides it is apparent to me that anyone who is afraid to challenge established authority and scholarship would not produce or expose most of the things which I find of value. Love him or hate him, he pioneered the field wherein most scholars and lay-people alike are afraid to even think about stepping in.

Even though it was the linguistic links that first brought this to light, it was the understanding of the symbolism that drove it home. Once you know where to look, and that was well revealed in the writings of Allegro, deciphering the mythologies unfolds into a whole new level of comprehension.

The Manna the Israelites ate in the desert is presently defined as a question. It is not ordinary for a word describing bread to be thought of in this context. Manna is defined in this way: (Manna="What is it?") a Biblical description of this mystical substance will toss the reader some clues.
Manna was a small round thing that appeared on the ground after the dew had fallen.
If it was left to the warmth of day it would breed worms and stink.
Manna was thought of as being produced miraculously (IE: birth without seed). This is a perfect botanical description of a mushroom. Birth without seed (miraculous) is due to spores being microscopic and not visible to the naked eye.

Jesus describes the Mannas in detail in the book of John. In this story Jesus attempts to make clear; of manna, there are two different ones/kinds. He describes the manna that he is giving the disciples (last supper) as the Manna that bestows immortality. His statement, unless you have eaten his flesh/body (Soma/Manna), and drink of his blood (Soma Juice), you have no life in you, takes on a whole new meaning in light of this discovery.

The Manna is directly associated with the fruit of the Tree of Life in the 2nd chapter of the book of Revelation. It is the reward for those who overcome (the lies of the world). The "Fruit of the Tree", the "Hidden Manna" and the "Small White Stone" are spoken ofseparately, but in the same context. All of these are symbols for the Amanita muscaria.


Figure 11. The Fruit of The Tree

This 13th Century Fresco from France shows the Amanita muscaria as the "fruit" (of the Tree) of the "knowledge of Good and Evil". Adam and Eve had their eyes opened. The Gods looked down and said "Behold, they have become as one of us". Contemporary Scholars and researchers have since uncovered many such representations. The Mushroom as the Fruit of the tree is actually pretty common among esoteric circles.

"At night when the stars are clear
And I long for delusion to disappear
Then I see the reflection that's in your eyes
Is it time, is it time, is it time to know?

The knowledge of good and evil seems a strange thing to condemn someone for, unless the Gods wanted to dictate what was right and wrong, rather than have them know the difference for themselves. Imposing their will (and law) upon mankind is not so easy when people can think for themselves, especially if it becomes obvious that what you are being told is right and/or wrong is in direct opposition to what actually seems to be good and bad (The big knowledge).

What we have here, may be the future as we were never to know it to be. The "Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge" is the same thing as the "Fruit of the Tree of Life". The fruit of the tree that is to come down out of heaven and line the streets in the city of the "New Jerusalem", the city of the new "Golden Age". The same, of which, when you partake imparts direct communion with, and the direct knowledge of, God.

The Cuneiform clay tablets of Mesopotamia (at least 4,000 BC/CE) tell the oldest known tales of Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, eating of the fruit stories. But they tell a different tale than what is in the Bible of today. Zechariah Sitchen has been very foremost in the dispersion of what these tablets say. The gods came to our planet in Space/Time/Dimension ships from the star Sirius. Finding Neanderthal Man a bit primitive, they manipulated the DNA to produce the Homo-Sapien. In the stories, The Father God, "Anu", remained on Sirius, while two Brothers, Ea and Enlil, were the stewards of the new colonization. Enlil, wishing to Control the population, and Ea, wanting to expand man's consciousness. The High Council, and Anu, leaned towards the Enlilian point of view. But Ea, was determined to multi-dimensionalize (open/wake-up) the minds of his creations. This will be dealt with more fully in the section on Mesopotamia. But, for now, suffice it to say that the earlier stories portray the eating of the fruit in a completely different light, in fact the whole concept is flipped one hundred and eighty degrees. What was originally a glorious and incredible story about the hope and potential of humanity has become a primary story of a horrible fall-from-grace and even condemnation of the entire race.


Figure 12. The Last Supper (The sacramental ingestion of the body of God)

The concept of the literal ingestion of the body of God is highly downplayed by religious scholars of today. The body (soma) being a fleshy Mushroom is much more palatable than trying to stomach cannibalism or the transformation of ordinary substances.

Many questions should be asked about this cosmopolitan idea of the "Sacramental Substance". Unfortunately, the religious experts shun the notion, insisting that the entire idea is nothing more than symbolic. A symbol points at something else, not usually at another symbology. The Catholic church, in the early 1100's, decided to have the final word on this subject by establishing (under Emperor/Pope Innocent III) the "Doctrine of Trans-Substantiation". This it whereby, the Priests, by their assumed holy power, claim to be able to say some magical words, and turn ordinary bread into the literal "Body of God". This event is one of the biggest evil deceptions of all time, is an undermining of the basic esoteric aspects of the religion, and is, arguably, the most horrible and damning event to ever happen to Christendom, and as such the entire human race. Jesus clearly describes the Manna that he calls his body in the book of John. Repeatedly describing the "Thing/Manna" as a substance hidden from the world, but revealed to his disciples. Understanding the last supper story becomes as simplistic as it gets, if you know how to decipher the event. Adamantly; Jesus says, "Take and eat, This is my Body". This is the transformational and magnificent event. By intentional misrepresentation (by self appointed or politically correct authorities) it has been stripped down to rhetorical run around and ridiculous dogmatic interpretation by enthusiastic religious stumbling-block-throwers.

The Bible, as we have it today, should not be regarded as a historical document. This is not to say that it is not very interesting, but it must be read keeping in mind that it is a re-translation, of a re-translation, of a re-translation, of an initially altered plagiarism. The book itself (viewed in light of the possibility of what could have been) is a complex document that must have required some pretty intelligent minds to conceive. It is this complexity that so overwhelms those of limited intellect that it convinces many that it could only have been written by the hand (or direct inspiration) of God. Yet the Bible pales drastically in comparison to the thousands of Hindu or Buddhist writings in complexity and substance. Most who read it never know this because they are instructed to steer clear of any other religious writings, lest they become deceived. Those who become "completely blown away" by the conceptualization of what it must have taken to write such a document have never seen or attempted to really look at anything else similarly complex. Therefore, they have no point of reference, other than their own intellect, and the one book they believe to be the only true word of God. There is enough written there to speculate in awe, what those who wrote it were all about. Meaning; had we been there, at that time (6000 years ago), to read the original text (Cuneiform), and were reading it in our own native language, AND had been partakers of the heavenly gift (the mushroom), it must have been an incredible thing indeed. It is important to note, just briefly, that ecumenical council extricated the concepts and doctrines that specifically referred to reincarnation in Biblical texts from the cannon. This is another corruption that has obscured the understanding of life in general for all those believers who will never know this happened.

"Manna" means "Mushroom". However, if you reject the philological (linguistic) evidence proposed by Allegro and others, perhaps a simple read of the relevant scriptures will sway you towards the possibility, and perhaps you may also begin to understand how the mushroom, anthropomorphically, can become the body of the God.

Exodus 16-14 And when the dew that lay was gone up, behold, upon the face of the wilderness there lay a small round thing, as small as the hoar frost on the ground. Exodus 16-19 And Moses said, let no man leave of it till morning. Exodus 16-20 Notwithstanding they hearkened not unto Moses; but some of them left of it till the morning, and it bred worms, and stank: and Moses was wroth with them.

Mushrooms grow from moisture, such it is that they grow after the dew falls. They appear miraculously because they grow from spores (which are microscopic) and have no seed. In fact, they seem to disappear as mysteriously as they appeared, leaving no visible trace. Mushrooms, as any mycologist can tell you, left in the sun, or otherwise left to their natural process, begin to rot, breed worms, and also begin to stink. Manna means mushroom philologically, linguistically, and, as you can see, mushrooms physically fit the description given of the substance in these texts.


Figure 13. Manna in the Ark of the Covenant

Moses built this elaborate device to carry the Manna through the wilderness. To look inside the ark was punishable by death. The box itself is of little import, or spiritual value. What is important is what was inside the ark. The Long and tedious search for this artifact, shows either a complete missing-of-the-point, or a deliberate mis-direction of attention.

According to the Bible there are two Mannas, the one the Israelites ate in the desert, and the "Hidden Manna" alluded to within the book of Revelation.

To know about the mushroom is to have the key to unlock the doors of scriptural interpretation. An "opening of the seals of the book" could be another way of looking at it. Without the understanding of the hidden meanings behind the symbolism the texts lose their full significance. For instance, reading in the Book of St. John, connect the dots and see what it seems to say (with this in mind). Biblical scholars know that reading the reference (center) column, between the columns of scripture reveal hidden connections between symbols, and clarify their meaning. I will follow these references to help guide the context of this exploration.

St John 14-6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the father but by me.
ref:John 10-9 I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.
ref:John 14-4 And wither I go ye know, and the way ye know.
John 14-16 And I will pray the father, and he shall give you another comforter, that he may abide with you forever; Even the spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you; and shall be in you.
ref:1John 2-27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you; but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in it.

There are many layers of interpretation of scripture, and those that have special understanding get into the deeper meanings. Thinking about what has been said at the surface level, and then looking for connections to the mushroom proposal may first understand this particular text. There is no way to go to the Father but by him, the door, through which you can go in and out. He will not stay on earth, but leaves behind a comforter, which will dwell among us, and be in us. If something is dwelling with you, and can be in you, you must be eating it. It is the door, the comforter, and will be in you. Going in and out means after ingesting you multi-dimensionally go into the spiritual realm. It will teach you all things. This is a description of the substance that you eat, which opens the doorway to the place where you are taught all things.

Understanding this interpretation of deep level symbolism opens up whole new vistas and possibilities for the individual. Perhaps the direct communion with God, sometimes referred to as Gnosis, is not impossibility if one can get past the alien and unfamiliar concept of the mechanics of it. It must be considered that there may be a deeper level to communion than that communication or dialogue which people can perceive of (or imagine) within their own minds. This is telling us that there IS something here that IS available to us right now. Understood at the surface level this just points at something in the future that (hopefully) is to be revealed. If the conditioning can be broken, and the realization of this hidden thing achieved, then glory to we upon the earth because the time is at hand. Otherwise, it is simply obscured in apologetic runaround by supposed authorities that frantically try to explain why it is not this literal and obvious "THING". This also describes an ANOINTING (Greek; Chrisma) (close to Christmas again). We go right back again to the special holy substance endowing one with the gift of the holy spirit, the door, the comforter, which will dwell with you, and will be in you. The comforter (it says) the world does not see, or know, but those specially gifted (whom Jesus is speaking to) know, and see, and will have it inside of them. The Manna, the door, the comforter which will teach those who know. Even to the point they have no need to be taught by anyone. And this, of course, would mean that there is no need for the intercessory function of a priest.

Here again we see that those who know have no need for a church, pastor, prophet, or authority figure here on earth as they have direct communion. Consider the Manna (bread) that comes down from heaven, and see if it becomes a little more clear. Especially in regards to this being a synonymous (one and the same) substance that is inside of you. This part expressly stating that you should take and eat.

John 6-27 Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the son of man shall give unto you; for him hath God the father sealed.
John 6-31 Our fathers did eat manna in the desert; as it is written, He gave them bread from heaven to eat.
John 6-32 Then Jesus said unto them, verily verily I say unto you, Moses gave you not that bread from heaven; but my father giveth you the true bread from heaven.
John 6-34 Then said they unto him, Lord, evermore give us this bread.
John 6-35 And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life.
John 6-41 The Jews then murmured at him, because he said, I am the bread that came down from heaven.
John 6-43 Jesus therefore answered and said unto them, Murmur not among yourselves.
John 6-48 I am that bread of life.
John 6-56 He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him
John 7-38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture has said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

I will deal with the rivers of living water that will flow out of the bellies of those that eat the Manna later (Hinduism, Buddhism), prepare yourselves for more need to break the taboos and conditioning that bind you. The meat, the manna, the door, the comforter, the bread, the living waters, the blood, are all synonymous for that which will dwell with you, and you will put "in" you, which will teach you all things through direct communion. For those who ascribe to the "official" accepted explanation: namely that Jesus alone is the substance, and that everything else is merely symbolic for him, in the next part we will explore the book of Revelation, where (as in John) it says that the world does not see, because it does not know, as opposed to those who know, and see, and will have it in them. Something that the world does not know, because it does not see, is certainly "Hidden" as in the "Hidden Manna".

Rev 2-7 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches; to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.
Rev 2-17 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches; to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

Manna, as it has already been expressed, in ancient tongue (which this was translated from) means mushroom. It has also been explained that the mushroom is the fruit of the tree of life. In the next chapter it will be shown that the mushroom is also referred to as a small white stone. The mushroom, the manna, the white stone, the comforter, the door which you will have in you which you can enter in and out of, which will show you all things.

James 2-14 What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he have faith, and have not works? Can faith save him?
James 2-15 If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food,
James 2-16 And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; What doth it profit?

The things which are needful to the body, if we follow the thread of this discourse, are that which will be in you. The door, comforter, manna, blood, bread, stone, works (being tangible). It can be argued that all is well and that the body needs nothing. Yet there seems to be direct discrepancy to this supposition.

John 6-53 Then Jesus said unto them, Verily verily I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.
John 6-5 Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.
John 6-55 For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed.
John 6-56 He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him.

This is saying pretty clearly that the eating and drinking is physical. My body is flesh indeed, and my blood is drink indeed, and the added statement that when you eat, it is inside of you leaves little room for debate that this is a substance, not a phantom symbol alone. For those who choose to debate this I ask that they show me their substance because according to Jesus' words unless you eat and drink of "It" you have no life in you. By the way, do I really need to mention that this is not some strange reference to Cannibalism? I sure hope not, if you still think this, read on. Somewhere, some of this must convince you that he is not saying to take a bite out of his arm, or any other piece of his actual anatomy.


Figure 14. The Fountain of Living Waters

The God of the Bible says "I am the Fountain of Living Waters". If we are to understand this statement on a level of literal translation, then this means alive, made of water, and in the similitude of a fountain. This describes a mushroom. The Waters of life is an ancient term linked to the living waters, and the Waters of Immortality. The waters one drinks to receive the gift of immortality and transcendence. Soma, and Amrta (Hindu/Buddhist), are also considered the waters of life. The attributes of which bestowed enlightenment. The churning-of-the-milky- ocean is to (metaphorically) produce this substance. The waters of life are also synonymous with the blood of the god in the sacramental analysis.

Jesus was the revealer of the "Fountain of living waters", as in Rev. 21-6 he will give those who are athirst the living waters. Living waters, blood, manna, flesh, and all this "stuff" is the one and same thing represented in different ways. All represent eating and drinking of a phenomenal substance that produces multi-dimensionality (door), great spiritual learning, and communion, with God being inside of you. While the popular bread (or cracker) and water (or wine) do go inside the body, they certainly lack the substantive qualities that the action of ingesting is supposed to induce. In my opinion, the magical act of "Trans-Substantiation" has no merit. The statement that Jesus makes "Unless you eat and drink you have no life in you" would seem to condemn the replacement of whatever the real thing is with a placebo (substitute).
Jeremiah 3-11 Hath a nation changed their gods, which are yet no gods? But my people have changed their glory for that which doth not profit.
Jeremiah 3-12 Be ye astonished, Oh ye heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid, be ye very desolate, saith the Lord.
Jeremiah 3-13 For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.

Being astonished at this is only the beginning, being horribly afraid and desolate is what is instructed. Being desolate certainly describes the author's understanding of being cut off from the presence of the Lord (true communion). But how can his people be cut off from the Lord? The answer is apparent in this section. It is because the true fountain of living waters has been forsaken, replaced by cisterns that do not profit (substitute/placebo), and are broken. If a light bulb does not work, it is broken. If an eaten substance that is supposed to produce the described results does not produce these results, then it is broken and (mystical illusions, or delusions, aside) actually worthless.


Figure 15. Jesus with a mushroom cap. Aura?

A common depiction of enlightenment is this mushroom behind the head of one who is a knower, often thought to be some type of glowing aura. This may be symbolic for the spiritual glow one has after the change experienced by the heavenly gift of the Holy Ghost. Many artworks show the difference between those who have "Tasted of the heavenly Gift" and those who have not. This is depicted by whether one has this glow, or does not. Often resembling the underside of a mushroom cap (gills extending outward) sometimes it is symbolized with red with white spots.

I bring this line of thinking up because it has been lingering in the back of my mind for many years. Perhaps there is a loss in translation that would make this less dire. But if we are to understand this literally, it is saying that something happens to you when you eat this. Perhaps a spiritual change that somehow saves one from the second death. This has always made me wonder just how important it really is for people to eat this. You can see how, once the suspension of dis-belief has been achieved, there is a very deep desire to share this information with others. Much in the same manner that a fundamentalist Christian feels a need to save the rest of the world from hell by delivering the message of their God to those in danger of death by disbelief. The difference being, the substance that established religion is feeding their flock does not profit. Simple bread, even after magical supposed transformation, simply does not produce the effects that are really being prescribed by these texts. This just makes it seem all that much more important. And it also brings into question the idea that those who convince themselves that they truly feel something after eating the priest-blessed bread and water, or whatever, may be creating an illusion that is eventually (although they think it wonderful) something that is damaging to them beyond comprehension.

The search for a similar sense of imperative in the other religions has not produced this same urgent warning. In fact the time in my life that I have spent discussing the mushroom theory with many, many people, has turned up many other interesting possibilities.

Of course I try not to just run up to people and say "Hello there, eat this mushroom because I may never see you again, and it is very important". Although sometimes I feel like it. There seems to be (as in any other field) different levels of understanding throughout the world regarding the mushroom and its involvement in all of this.

Most people have never heard anything like this. In fact their whole paradigm of thought might not even allow them to consider anything like this. Then there are people who, although they have never heard anything like this, find it to be interesting yet go about their way likely to never have it enter their minds again. Some find it interesting, contemplate it once in a while, sometimes having events that remind them of the idea, like a mushroom on a postcard, but generally pass it off as not important (to them). Others find it somehow familiar, and do some research on their own. Sometimes I run into them down the road of life, and they say something like "Hey, remember when you told me about that mushroom? Well what about this, or that?" And other connections I have never run across can be made. Then there are people that have heard about this already. I like running into these kind of people, because it is always intriguing for me to find out what they know. Most of those who have heard about it, have never eaten, or even seen these mushrooms in person. [Lots of Mycologists have seen them, and some due to their interests in mushrooms, in general, have heard something about it]. Then there are those who have heard about it, and have even studied it enough to have actually eaten it at some point. Most of these did not know about the levels of effects, by dosage, and have experienced only stage 1 effects. Many of these become perplexed that they did not receive the effects they had expected and so give up on it, thinking that the identification of the substance must have been flawed, and look for something else. I've talked to many people that felt that the ecstatic effects (described in the religious texts) must have just been a myth. Some have experienced stage 2, and still fewer have been to stage 3. (see recipe page)

This suggests a spiritual evolutionary process at work. It becomes more apparent when looking into the Hindu and Buddhist texts pertaining to spiritual evolution. Through the process of reincarnation advancement is made according to knowledge one gains and the discovery and application of key tools for enlightenment found on different levels of the path. One other comment I should make before proceeding is; Many things have been written in the myths about the experience at death, where the spiritual journey takes one to the point of going onward to the next level or incarnation. This threshold (of potential achievement) is preceded by the eating of the tree of life, or the drinking of the living waters. Such as in this part of Revelations.

Rev. 7-9 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;
Rev. 2-17 For the lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

It is interesting that even though these people have died (physically), and are before the throne of God, there is still this mention of the fountains of living waters, which the lamb will lead them to. This is done for the multitudes of all the earth. Who can know the real reason that even spiritually there is a need for this substance? At any level of understanding, it is apparent that the Lamb knows, and so guides the multitudes to the fountain which contains their reward and one can hardly miss taking note that this scene describes a great healing.

"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic and have no place in a republic. The Constitution of this republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom."
-- Benjamin Rush, George Washington's personal doctor and a signer of the Declaration of Independence


Figure 16. Jesus in a TUB of Transfiguration

This 15th Century Fresco shows Jesus with cross in a TUB that looks remarkably similar to the Tub in the central chamber in the Great Pyramid at Gizeh (This will be explored later). This shows both baptisms. 1) The baptism by water (Tub) and 2) The second by fire (Cross). The cross being a symbol for the mushroom. There are after all Two Baptisms. The First is baptism by water. The second is baptism by Fire. This is the transformational baptism. The death (journey to the heavens) and the rebirth experience of the God. The mushroom has a long association (largely due to its color) with fire. High on the mountain-top (where the mushrooms grow) Moses conversed with the God in the "Burning Bush".

Christianity was the first religion that I studied in depth after finding out about the mushroom. This was due to my heritage and upbringing. After four years (of knowing) I finally had my first experience. As you can see, from what I understood, I fully expected to see the throne of God and Jesus, the hierarchy of angels, and the whole works. But when I opened the door, ate the flesh/bread, and drank of the waters of life, I found much much more. There was no Jesus (so to speak) there to greet me. People have the supposition that "as they believe, so shall it be". The more proper way (to me) to look at it is this: "So as you believe, you can count on being wrong". Because not only is life not as easy as believing in any God, or anything, it is a continual learning processthat seems to have no end, and therefore, becoming stagnant, as pertaining to spiritual learning, is a dangerous trap for those who think they have found the one true thing they need to know in life. The world is consumed by the huge beast/spirit of deception (remember that one? The one that everyone inside their minds believes could not possibly have gotten them). Simply believing anything is not the key to salvation. At best it would surely be thought of as "The easy way out". Neither is finding the mushroom and going in through the door, and being taught, one, two, or a hundred times going to ever end your quest for knowledge and understanding. Think about it this way, even a God must be able to evolve or life would become boring. The first thing you learn is there is no easy way out, that is if you are interested in anything beyond simply being saved (not dying the spiritual death). There are many levels of evolution, spiritual as well as physical. When you open the door, and look inside, you can see these evolutionary levels, and that they are accessible, but they require certain understandings. You see them, and visit them, and know that they are there, but due to the conditioning that has been done to you in life, you realize that you must dump allot of baggage to evolve into those levels. It is a very humbling experience indeed. Much of that baggage that must be left behind originates in the belief systems that are taught to us lowly humans by the religions on this planet. The Political/Religious organizations that alter the truth to fit their societal model, have polluted it, and thereby destroyed it. This goes beyond these systems of belief simply being a hindrance to spiritual evolution. These have become the great beasts that drag souls to destruction, by replacing truth with false morals and dogma. The Beast is camouflaged as the truth, in an a extremely diabolical and complex web. A trap, of which escape may be that very thing which human existence is really all about. Finding the way out. Each new truth dashing a dogma to the rocks. Each new revelation opening up (making accessible) another sphere/level of spiritual evolution.

OK, You made it through the little intro bit, the first section of the book, and it gets more interesting from here. The 2nd through 4th parts of this book are on the next 3 pages in primitive form. The book is complete but in order to really give someone a good representation of what is in the book I have included these next 3 sections totally free but I do hope you buy the book to support this ongoing research anyway. The next two books are due out in 2003 and they take this to a whole new level. But please be my guest and continue through the next three sections. http://web.archive.org/web/20060706174644/jamesarthur.net/mm_01.html



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MUSHROOMS AND MANKIND A brief introduction to Ethnomycology
More Interesting and Significant Discoveries

Amanita muscaria:
The Mushrooms that shaped Mankind Part 2

"We wouldn't be here if it weren't for psychedelic drugs. In terms of the role of psilocybin in human evolution on the grasslands of Africa, people not on drugs were behind the curve. The fact is that, in terms of human evolution, people not on psychedelics are not fully human. They've fallen to a lower state, where they're easily programmed, boundary defined, obsessed by sexual possessiveness which is transferred into fetishism and object obsession. We don't want too many citizens asking where the power and the money really goes. Informed by psychedelics, people might stop saluting. "Take your political party, your job, whatever, and shove it.""
---Terence McKenna

There may be a reason that this mushroom has remained hidden for these thousands of years. What has become clear, is that cosmologically every religion on our planet looks forward to a time in the future where man will have direct contact with what can be defined as God. The thousand year reign of the messiah, the new golden age, the return of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mithra, King Arthur, etc, etc, etc, is a commonality that is the hoped-for relief to the people that wish to live in peace, and understanding. A time when all lies will be exposed. A time when oppression of freedom will cease. A time that hinges completely on truth and reality, not societal delusions of those who wish to control humanity according to their dogmatic and sadistic beliefs. This mushroom plays a huge role in the coming dispensation of this "Golden Age".

The stories and myths retain their basic structure, but the names of the key players have been changed, as they were incorporated into new religious systems. This is why most religions contain stories of the flood, the creation epic, the attributes of deities, and similar laws of government. Authors; Sitchin, Bramley and Horn, have written about the extraterrestrial connections in the complex study of mankind, and their so-called gods. Here is my take on the subject after studying this.

The clay tablets tell us of the Elohim/Anunnaki who were extraterrestrial beings that came to our planet from the star "Sirius". They genetically manipulated indigenous beings (which they called beasts) creating the human race. In the tales were father-god, An/Anu, his two sons Enki/Ea and Enlil/Ilu-kur-gal, the primary male beings featured in the story of the creation of the Adama/Adam & Eve. Enki was very impressed with, and felt compassion towards, the products of this genetic work, namely "us", whereas Enlil was of the mind that the beings were only worthy of servitude. The ancient Sumerian gods, and their feuding acts, have been found in later religious myths with the same basic stories, however, the names Ea, Enki, Enlil, Anu etc, were changed to Ahura Mazda, Jehovah, Lord, Ahriman, Baal, Adon, Etc. Biblical myths of Jacob and Esau, feuding over birthright, are similar to accounts in the Sumerian tales of Enki and Enlil. The Anunnaki, as a whole, were compelled to allot for themselves the status of gods over the lowly humans. The archetypal feuding brothers can be stereotyped and categorized by their respective attributes, Enki is also called Adonai (the "Lord"), and his (divine) attributes are compassion, wisdom and fertility (sexuality), Enlil is called El Shaddai, The lofty Mountain (YHWH), and "Jehovah", he was a storm-god (the bringer of vengeance and wrath) jealous and controlling. Therefore "The Lord" and "Jehovah" are not one in the same, but two different beings.

It was Enki and his sister Ninhursag who performed the genetic manipulation which resulted in the Adama (the ancient name for the first human, Adam and Eve). Humanity was conditioned to be in the service of the gods, but Enki had another plan, which set off a continual series of events, which most adversarial myths, concerning the war over the humans, between Enki and Enlil, were fashioned. Enki desired to feed the humans the fruit of the tree of Knowledge. This he knew was the thing which would open the eyes of man, and multi-dimensionalize his consciousness. This did not go over well with the Anunnaki, and Enki was commanded not to allow us this fruit. It was Enlil that attempted to scare the humans into not eating the fruit by telling them that, if they ate it, they would die. Enki went against the wishes of the high council and was able to convince them to eat the fruit anyway. When the gods saw what he had done, they condemned the act, and insisted that the corrupted humans be exiled from the land of paradise. Enki was man's preserver and compatriot; Enlil was the bringer of woes and doom.

It was also Enki that saved humanity from the flood, which was brought on by Enlil. Enlil also destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, which contrary to current precepts, were great cities of freedom and learning, not deserving of the jealous and controlling Enlil's destructive rage. Enlil is also purported to have destroyed Babylon, confounded the languages (after the tower of Babel incident), and wreaked havoc upon the city of Ur. It is extremely important to understand these original stories, as they were written in the Sumerian tablets, and compare them to the 4000 year later adaptations in the Bible. Ea/Enki, was the good guy. It was him who fed man of the tree of knowledge. So why the need to flip this story completely upside down and condemn him as the evil one? In the Bible the word translated as "serpent" is "nahash" (NHSH) which literally means to decipher, or to find out. All throughout ancient times the serpent was known as the bringer of knowledge (hence the euphemism "be ye wise as serpents") and were the precipitators of enlightenment. It is this precise thing that compels us to look further into the possibility that the good-guy is the one that is condemned throughout religious writings, for teaching freedom and knowledge. The freedoms of plant usage/taking for enlightenment, freedom of sexuality, and even the freedom to not be subservient to those oppressive gods who condemn these things as evil. In the cuneiform symbolism it is the caduceus (the snake coiled around the staff) that is the representation for Enki, in fact is his personal emblem. After Enki fed the humans of the tree, and was then effectively exiled, those who remained under the control of Enlil and the Anunnaki were then clamped-down-upon, in a heavier way. It was Enlil that was worshiped through fear and in later cultures named Jehovah. Enlil, that old extraterrestrial who adamantly opposed the education, freedom, and enlightenment of humanity in every ancient Sumerian myth. A full set of laws would be adopted, the other humans were instructed not to associate with Enki/Ea or the exiled. So humanity received the first commandments.

You will have no other God but Me. Enki especially, and his radical viewpoints, were explicitly condemned as evil. Control of the populace was priority one, to the gods, and glimpses of intelligence, or too much free-thought were "The Crime", and not likely to have been politely viewed. But disloyalty to the jealous gods was absolutely forbidden.

You will work for six days and then have a day of rest. This will be a holy-day, set aside for worship of the gods. Ritual and ceremony were to be observed, and homage to be paid, refusal was forbidden, under penalty of death. The technologically advanced Anunnaki had no problem convincing the primitive creatures of their superiority. In their role as the gods, their word was life or death, an occasional display of technological power or just plain fear inducing events, easily kept the followers in line.

You will not have sex without the permission of the gods. In a genetic experiment, the production of offspring is controlled. Perhaps the gods had no idea what kind of psychological problems stem from the repression of human sexuality, after all, they are not actually human, but, it seems, they just didn't care anyway.

You will not covet the things that you do not have. The haves must quench the desire of the have-nots by making desire a sin. Even the desire for freedom. Acceptance of your present conditions being part of your lot in life must be held up as a high principle virtue, quenching high-mindedness as sin.

The other laws are branches of these basic laws.

Please, understand that I do not make the previous statements lightly. The implications of what I have just written are dire. The reality is, the conditioning of the masses, perpetuated by religious organizations, has created and fed that great beast that has been so warned about. To state that the laws given to humanity by nearly every religious system on our planet are not the all knowing's Universal Laws is heresy at the least, blasphemy is a more appropriate terminology. However, I think there is ample evidence to show that some of these laws are not universal truth, but are lies and detrimental to the development of Humanity. Good thoughts and ideals are often used in cults to lure in the unsuspecting victims, then the rules of oppression are instilled, cleverly disguised as good wholesome values to the unwary.

What kind of a god is it, which says; You are free to choose, as long as you choose to do what I tell you to do, otherwise you will be punished, for all eternity, for your disobedience? Going back to Christianity, let me point out that when Jesus was asked which of the laws was most important, his answer was enigmatically "To love God with all your heart, and to Love thy neighbor as thyself". This certainly shows a completely different view of everything. The love of God surely did not mean those driving the slave ships. What he is saying describes a love for something that is far beyond any being knowable. That ineffable, invisible, indescribable God, which is within you.

Mesopotamia is the home of the fabled city, Babylon. The laws of the Babylonian king Hammurabi contain an old version of the biblical 10 Commandments, although they appear to be based upon the philosophy of "The Golden Rule", many of the laws are completely absurd. The biblical laws appear to be, at least partially, based upon the laws of a Babylonian king. Hammurabi could not have invented these patriarchal laws, they must have been adopted, from an older source, the Anunnaki/Elohim, and expanded upon by this powerful king. Also some of the Egyptian 12 negative acts are cast from the same blueprint. Initially, human law, was probably a necessity in order to teach the concept of the golden rule. Some laws appear to be a sincere effort to promote this concept, others, such as banning free sexuality, restricting freedom to worship as you choose, and the condemnation of desire to have a better life and possessions, are clearly not. These are geared more towards totalitarian control of an enslaved society. The idealism of a patriarchal society seems to be that same old enslavement idea, only under the guise of the good law, and the delusions of some sort of freedom. Whether the patriarchal laws appeared first in Egypt or in Sumeria does not matter. It is the understanding of what these laws are really all about that is ultimately the crucial factor.

Remember (according to Sitchin), these laws were likely to have been initially imposed upon mankind by the extraterrestrial gods from Sirius, who warred among themselves, had fits of jealousy over control and possession, and most likely did not have humanity's best interests at heart. They are not laws that were created by the universal all encompassing God consciousness which humanity attributes them to. The phenomenon of how patriarchal caste systems adapted the oppressive laws will be dealt with later.

While many argue that society could not survive without some sort of governing laws, the ‘Golden Rule’ answers this need more than adequately. Keep in mind also that it was the opening of the eyes and mind to the knowledge of good and evil that was forbidden to humanity by these same gods. It's not such a big stretch of the imagination that the questioning of these laws (discerning good from evil for ourselves) is important. It is a logical course to follow if one is to consider basing ones whole philosophical understanding of life itself upon them, and in fact a full and unbiased investigation of them is in order. If a Human sees for himself the difference between good and evil, he can no longer be told something that conflicts with what he knows. Obviously if man is forbidden access to this knowledge for himself, somebody must have something to hide.

The name Enki means "Archetype", which is precisely what he was, an archetype for the post-Sumerian gods. Turning to our anthropomorphism of the mushroom theme, we find more interesting connections. Even beyond the above discussed fruit-of-the-tree-story. Enki and his sister Ninhursag were the creators of the Adama. The red of the mushroom cap, as well as the juice, are anthropomorphized as blood, and figuratively related to as fire. The cap is also considered the female genital organ, as was the cup (like the Holy Grail) from ancient times. While the mushroom stem is the phallus. Anthropomorphically the mushroom is androgynous, in one sense, being one entity yet having both male and female sexual organs visible. In another sense it is two separate beings, joined together, in the act of creation, albeit only the sexual organs are visible. Enki is the stem, Ninhursag the cap, the two joining in accord to produce the Adama, anthropomorphism of the mushroom into the two elementary archetypal creators. Further evidence is the substance fed to the faithful of Enlil and Ninhursag known as "Star-Fire". This supplemental nourishment was produced from the lunar essence, or blood (from the womb), of the goddess Ninhursag. It is also called "the gold of the gods" and even "the red gold". After the epic Anunnaki's abandonment of humanity, brought about by the fall of Babylon, when Enlil sabotaged the city, confounded the languages, and allowed the city to be laid waste. Some myths tell us; when the Anunnaki withdrew, "like birds taking flight", they took with them the 'Star-fire', or at least the knowledge of what the 'Star-fire" was. The priestly caste which remained, now under siege, needed again, to take the knowledge underground. Much as the later alchemists, the knowledge of putting the gold to-the-fire to create the alchemical gold, the secret of enlightenment, kept the process a secret. Real gold, when put to the fire, melts. You do not have an end product that can then be ingested. As we have seen 'gold' is a polymorphous representation of the mushroom, the color of the cap-skin is gold (when dried) and also reddish-gold AND it must be put-to-the-fire for the process of de-carboxylation (literally an alchemical chemical-change) to occur before ingesting it properly. So the Anunnaki 'Fire-stone' is another one of those substances which has a multitude of descriptive features, Fire, Gold, Red, Female organ, Blood, juice, and even "nourishment that bestows enlightenment", all of which can be easily understood in terms of mushroom polymorphous and anthropomorphic imagery. It is also directly related to the pineal gland, the tree of life, the manna (or shem-an-na, which the Sumerians claimed was made from Highward-fire-stone), the Greek ambrosia, the Egyptian scheffa-food, and the Vedic soma. It was the most secret and powerful thing known to the Anunnaki, and was not meant for humans, at least in the eyes of the Enlilian regime. But for our archetypal provider and protector Enki, and his sister, our "mother-creator", Ninhursag, it was something that we evidently needed. By the way, Ninhursag, in Egypt, is known as Isis, the mother of all the living, and therefore is the archetype of Maya, Mary, Ishtar, Diana, etc. In the Egyptian book of the dead, the pharaoh, who is searching for the ultimate food-of-the-gods, continuously repeats the statement "what is it?" at every step of his journey. This question is the very definition given for the enigmatic 'Manna' in the Jewish records. What is this 'Star-fire'? That which humanity has been forbidden by the Anunnaki, at least those Anunnaki which do not wish humanity to succeed, and in the case of Enlil, were willing to wreak all manner of deception and destruction to keep it a secret.

"History is full of people who out of fear, or ignorance, or lust for power have destroyed knowledge of immeasurable value which truly belongs to us all. We must not let it happen again."
--- Carl Sagan

The Sumerian Annunaki

The region of Mesopotamia (Sumeria), which seems to have suddenly appeared out of nowhere (according to Academia), had a high knowledge of astronomy, architecture, a pantheon of gods, agriculture, gourmet foods, and courts. It is considered to be the cradle of civilization. Mesopotamia, in the north, encompassed the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, which flowed from the Garden of Eden, in the Genesis stories. The places known as Atlantis, Dilmun, and Lemuria are mentioned in the records of Sumeria. This is an obvious indication that these societies or cities pre-dated the Sumerian era.

Therefore, the Mesopotamian civilization did not suddenly appear out of nowhere. It was more likely a relocated ancient "Lost Civilization", which, as we will explore, encompassed KMT/Khemit (Egypt), which is considered by many to be the true "Cradle of Civilization". But this would dash the academic world to the ground, even leaving entirely alone, for the time being, the possibilities that Atlantis and Lemuria may have actually been real flourishing civilizations themselves. Mesopotamia does not have the advanced technological relics that are found in Egypt, and therefore must have been a later civilization, or one which was not allowed this knowledge anymore, as those technologies still have not been reproduced anywhere on earth. Khemit will be dealt with at length later, but for now we look at Sumer for more similarities. A dominant patriarchal system of rulership had engulfed the society, and its government, by the time the Mesopotamian civilization was established. This patriarchy was later passed on and adopted to become Christianity, Rome, and Islam, as well as other European and western cultural civilizations. More than 4,000 years before the Bible, the stories of The Garden of Eden, The Flood, and The Creation (of the Earth, plants, beasts, and Man) were preserved, in Cuneiform, on tablets of clay which were unearthed in the late 19th century. After years of research, translating of the tablets, those later Biblical versions of the same stories have taken on a whole new meaning. One of the things, we, as humans, need to understand, is we must look at both sides of any idea before we make a decision. Otherwise we are truly the definition of the word gullible. This is especially important when it deals with the matter of giving away your soul to a supposed deity that asks you to surrender it without question and completely. And of course when that same supposed deity wants your service in bringing other souls to its fold, there is danger afoot. Be careful about that.

Religion preys on those full of guilt and fearful of death. The importance of finding one's path has led many into the dens of deception. So many people have turned their souls over to a God in the hopes that they will not disappear when they die. The tactic of The Dark lord of evil, whether manifested in Babylon or America, is to instill guilt and fear into the hearts and minds of the human prey, then offer a route of escape which promises your only possible forgiveness, or hope, is what they are telling you. So people surrender their souls to belief systems that put them into the position of going to work recruiting other souls for the same master. The surrender of ones soul to any deity is something not to be taken lightly. In other words, before you do something like that, it is admirable and prudent to fully research, from both viewpoints, the validity of the system and documents that you are putting your faith in. This is the way to really look at anything, look at it completely from both sides. And even then, you may believe that you have found the correct way, the proper path, the ultimate reality, but surrendering your soul and recruiting souls just seems to be a strange requirement from any almighty deity.

It is simple to see, if you can control a persons sexuality you can get them to believe anything. Government enforces the religion of the dark lords. The concept of guilt, associated with sex, is an ancient tool for control. The oppressor says "Sex is bad, unless I say its okay". As in, you must have a license to engage in licentious behavior. There are far too many forms of totalitarian dictatorship, with government enforced religious law.

"Follow Your Bliss" remains one of the truest thoughts on religious freedom. Even with all of the negative connotations heaped upon it by religious systems (who want control) contorting it to be a statement of evil, with such pedantic reasoning as "So if I want to kill It's okay?" ignoring the golden rule as the first law of following ones bliss.

Secret Societies have a great motto "Ordo Ab Chao" meaning "Order Out of Chaos". Agendas are formulated designed to give the powerful more power. Chaos is created, and media blitzed. Then cries go out for solution. Laws are passed which could never have been passed without the chaos. The order, has reigned through deception of the masses, and the agenda is accomplished.

The Fascist state that is being created by these secret societies is indication that there is fear of the average person on the street. Fear of detection that the religions, governments and corporations behind this agenda are destroying humanity.

How can it be that a world so rich with resources can still be a world where poverty and hunger are still in such great abundance? Those who seek fortune from the exploitation of other human beings seem to be the pillars of the planetary hierarchy. The Governments with their holy contractual ceremonies, The churches with their vast wealth, The Bankers and money brokers who run the economy so the rich and powerful get more rich and powerful while the poor are ground into destitution and the middle class collapses into obscurity. This very same governmental/religious/capitalistic hierarchy that is destroying the planetary environment, disguised as those very institutions that are supposed to be helping it, is grabbing up property ownership under the guise of turning public lands into preserves [This in America]. This follows the very same patterns that have recurred throughout history, greed, corruption, and fascism waving the illusionary flag of freedom.

Freemasonry is the secret organization famous for its use of Christianity as a tool for control. The King James version of the Bible, edited by Sir Francis Bacon, a 33rd degree Freemason, is used to create order in society through the implementation of a belief system geared towards their Fascist ideologies. The chaos is carefully orchestrated to insure the passing of more and more laws that will, eventually, completely destroy freedom. This is why there is more and more morality being preached by politicians.

Priests and politicians speaketh with forked tongue, out of one side comes the illusion of tolerance and understanding, while the other side says you had better believe what I believe or you are in trouble.

Just remember that freedom does not say you are only free to do what you are told to do. If there ever would be some kind of genocide where all of the non-believers are put to death, this too would be nothing more than a recurrence of what has happened all along, on our planet. Fascism rears its ugly head, and must take control of every aspect of the individual’s life, therefore insuring that no one will decent, no one will challenge the authority of whatever religio-political image is portrayed to the populace. If, in fact, Sitchen is right, the extra-terrestrial gods did indeed plant the seeds of humanity, and others who elaborate on his findings, and these gods have been with us all along, which by the way, religion claims to be the case, "the Gods are ever present". Expected events will be more of the same old repression and oppression that has been going on ever since the beginning. Even in Mesopotamia, where Sitchen says humanity were slaves of the "Man Gods", who had power and authority, who kept the secrets of their realm to themselves, IE: "Don’t eat of the tree of Knowledge", those who were given the gift of power seem doomed to prosper from the suffering of others. This does not need to be the case. This planet is filled with wealth, however philanthropy, and even kindness are as always lacking. What else should be expected from those who find pleasure in the suffering of others? And this is the legacy of religion and government on our planet. If it's not one form of genocide, it's another.

Even if it means standing up to the ones that are in charge of this whole mess, somebody must awaken and do something drastic. If some expected messiah appears, but he comes from the same school as any of the gods of the old world (especially those in Mesopotamia) then the world must prepare for another ride into hell, for as the world is becoming, so it shall become. The scholarship involved in the disproving of the worlds religious systems is not an easy task, as everywhere you look they all say "I am right". In my studies I have found that all of them are wrong. Especially those that are blatantly forceful in their attempt to control the human mind through false moral and dogma systems. The fruits of religion are frustration, depression, and despair, because they are bent on controlling the freedoms of thought, sexuality, and worship, including entheogenic Plant use, and condemn real understanding. This is the current state of the systems imposed upon our planet. It wouldn't be so bad if we were just talking about rich people acquiring wealth and making something of themselves, but we are talking about is a societal force deeply rooted in the banking, governments and religions which is gearing up to instill a "New World Order" which will force dogma and beliefs on the entire world. Just as the people in Mesopotamia believed that they needed the gods, so do people today trudge along in their oblivious stupors, unaware of the mechanisms that are usurping all that stands for freedom. Active participation in society, ignoring the usurpation, is in my estimation exactly the apathy that allows it to continue full speed ahead. The destruction of mankind appears to be the nature, for some reason, of the patriarchal systems that took over somewhere around eight thousand years ago. Whether or not this is the inherent nature of the Patriarchy remains to be proven, yet by the looks of things their nature seems to leave allot to be desired.

Why is it that the idea is popularized (through media) there are two things you should never talk about, religion and politics. This is because dialogue between people is the real enemy of the state, just as true freedom of thought has become "THE" crime. Discussions of religion and government eventually arrive at conclusions that are not in the interest of the authorities. Uncensored conversation allows people of different levels, and fields of understanding, to actually learn from one and other. No one can expect everyone else to have the same viewpoint as they do, because everyone's paths in life are different. Some people know about this, and some people know about that. Its a big world out there and there is much to learn.

Anyone who tells you that the quest for immortality is as simple as one belief has not done his/her homework. People under this assumption might want to hold off on becoming the instrument of preaching that to your friends and family. It just might not be that simple.

"EGYPTOLOGY" Forerunner to Christianity and source for much of the world's Mythology>

[NOTE: Egyptology is really a dogma entrenched prejudiced study of the Egyptian theology. The true name of the study of the ancient land known as Egypt should be called Khemitology, as the true name of the land is KMT or Khemit. This will be classified, and discussed, in a section of its own.]

Egyptology and the Mushroom

Andrija Puharich, in his book "The Sacred Mushroom (Key to the Door Of Eternity)", described hieroglyphic, and linguistic links to the Amanita muscaria. The typical (and obvious) mushroom pictogram, and the Ankh are theorized as symbols for the mushroom. Although much of this information was extracted while one of his psychic voyagers was in trance, this link has proved to be important to understanding Egyptian theology, and as we will see later in understanding Khemitology. With the help of Egyptian associations to Mithra, the lion headed god, the function of the tub (in the center of the Kings Chamber at Gizeh) is a key that will unveil the "Stargate". The Aten (winged Disc) symbolizes the mushroom cap with the mushroom gills being stylized as wings. The title of this book is profound, as the mushroom will be discovered as the literal "key to the door of eternity".

The Egyptian Scarab

This representation of the Egyptian scarab beetle contains symbolism for the mushroom. The wings (gills), sun-disc, and moon-disc. Look at this closely as you will see the same imagery used later. This is one of the views of the mushroom. Looking at the cap from the bottom. The gills are prevalent. The scarab is considered hermaphroditic, or self-generating much in the same way the mushroom regenerates. Male and female within the same organism, it is an appropriate symbol.
The central chamber is a place that opens the stargate. (Keep in mind that these rituals came later historically than Khemit) This tub is known to have played a part in a ceremony that was to prepare the initiate for entry into the heavens. The question is: How was this used in such a ceremony? A clue is found in the enigmatic salt deposits found all over the walls of the inside of the chamber. The ceremony induced an "out of body" experience, teleporting the initiate into the stars. The Egyptians may have had a certain place in mind that this chamber was designed to help direct the spirit towards. Likely possibilities would be Sirius, or Orion. In our time, if one were to try attempting to recreate this journey, there would likely be a desired direction toward which you would want the small portals leading out of the chamber to point. Astronomical alignment should be observed as there is evidence that these portals aligned with certain regions of the sky at specific times, and that the initiate was thought to spiritually ascend through these portals. There have been theories suggesting that these portals were used to direct the spirit of the initiate to certain points in the stars. However, as it is thought that the spirit can penetrate solid objects, a guiding barrel seems an unlikely conclusion, yet all things considered, the jury is still out on that one. Buoyant salt water in this tub would provide a very nice sensory deprivation tank, for death and rebirth initiation. Much like the tank that was used for Amanita research in the movie "Altered States".

The Sacred rite of the initiation.

The Egyptian mystery schools gave birth to other secret initiatory orders such as the Rosecrucians, Freemasons, Templars and more. These modern societies elaborate upon, and use as a model, "the tiers of learning", which the Egyptian mystery schools incorporate. Later mystic societies perpetuated the systems, although in a degraded state, due to the actual pyramid not being used in the highest of the initiatory levels. A room replaced the pyramid and a simple coffin replaces the sarcophagus. Perhaps there are still those who recognize the value and importance of these artifacts and still do use them, but if this is so, it is not well known. The likely importance of this, were it to be known, to those who have devoted their lives to this pursuit, they would not settle for the symbolic replacements.

Those who aspire to take on the task of advancement, in the orders, are required to prove their worthiness through their proficiencies in the sciences as well as passing severe trials of various sorts. The ancient temple order initiations can be viewed as a gradual process of learning accompanied by levels of accomplishment intertwined with secret oaths, which were rewarded through the revealing of hidden knowledge. The process of advancement was typically a lifetime endeavor, of which 22 years was the base period (according to Masonic tradition). This base period encapsulated the study of sciences such as mathematics, geometry, astronomy, and astrology (which can be more appropriately termed as astro-theology, as it was concerned, not only with the astronomical cycles and constellations, but the esoteric principles of man's evolution, and the mythology of the gods). Motivation for a person to swear oaths and submit oneself to such a long-term commitment of study certainly has a lot to do with an eventual hoped-for-culmination in the highest of secret initiations. Specifically the initiation that could take place only in the central chamber of the great pyramid at Gizeh. The imitations of this ceremony, in the later societal orders, are only a shadow of the real thing, completely void of the key mechanisms that make this rite what it really is.

This highest of initiatory rituals, in theory, is to be conferred upon those who dedicate their lives, and swear their oaths, to proceed along the prescribed path. However, in reality, the Egyptian mystery schools were supremely exclusionist in nature, as are the latter societies. The true nature, of this very culmination ritual (which will herein be described), is obscured to the point of near complete extinction. Those who have dedicated their lives to this end have done so without the actual expected reward. Egyptian hierarchies seem to be much more likely to confer this culmination ritual on those with the proper bloodline rather than those who rose through the ranks of the typical initiates. These initiate pools were more likely a sort of servile knowledge gatherers, and developers, rather than really prospective initiates into the highest ceremony.

The great pyramid at Gizeh is thought to be the permanent record of, and the physical representation of the esoteric knowledge of the highly advanced Egyptian (Khemitian) accomplishments in the sciences. Mathematics, geometry, astronomy and astrology are all encoded in the very structure itself. The anomalous energy fields associated with the pyramidal structure indicate the manifestation of multi-dimensional fall out, perhaps the tip of the iceberg in terms of the understanding incorporated into their creation. This utilization of the deeper forces in nature must be considered when contemplating the construction of the monument, and the enigma that the feat can not be duplicated even today. On the spiritual level this multi-dimensionality has a far greater importance, as it becomes one of the mechanical instruments utilized in the highest rite of initiation. It also demands consideration in many other areas, as the phenomenon of energy fields and multi-dimensionality open doorways of understanding and purpose that can barely be theorized upon, let alone be explained in full. The surface of the enigma is barely being scratched upon even after thousands of years of wonder.


The Kings Chamber (Isolation Tank)

The ultimate sensory deprivation tank. The massive harmonic and energy invoking central chamber in the great pyramid at Gizeh.

This highest rite of initiation, in order to be done in its proper method, is to be accomplished with the assistance of the multi-dimensional effects of the pyramid in conjunction with the multi-dimensional effects of the Amanita muscaria's unique form of the death and rebirth experience. Another important ingredient in the rite is the sarcophagus within the central chamber. It is more than an interesting coincidence that the word sarcophagus literally translates as "flesh-eating". As the mushroom is referred to as flesh, in most ancient traditions. The sarcophagus is where the initiate would lie down, during the rite, consume the sacred flesh, and drink of the waters of life.

The ritual itself, inside the great pyramid, was a three day long ordeal. It takes place in the central chamber where the initiate was placed in a death-like trance. This death-like trance is induced by the Amanita muscaria, whose unique properties have been previously shown. Christianity, which owes most of its myths to Egyptology/Astro-theology, depicts this ritual as the mushroom induced death of the god on the cross, burial in the tomb for three days (wherein there is a descent into, and a ministering to those in Hades), and then resurrection, after the stone is rolled away from the tomb. After the death-like state is induced, the initiate descends into Hades and does the work of lifting up lost souls through ministering in charity, and good deeds. This deathlike state is something administered by the priest in the ritual. The hieroglyphic symbol for priest is a horizontal line with a vertical line to the right, and a connecting 45 degree line at the radius, a pitcher balances atop the vertical line, pointing left, and a jagged line (like a river) pours out of the pitcher to the left of the bottom horizontal line. This symbol for the priest is similar to the astronomical sign for Aquarius. The priest is the water-bearer, or the one who knows fully and understands the true nature of the waters of life, which he pours out, or reveals to the world. For the true nature of the priest is the one who can reveal the true waters of life (Soma) and can dispense this knowledge to those worthy of receiving it.

After three days, of this death and resurrection ordeal, the initiate is taken at the close of the third night to the entrance of a gallery, where at a certain time, presumably the sun-rise, he is taken out of the pyramid, where the beams of the rising sun struck directly the face of the entranced initiate, where he was given passage to the heavens, initiated by the god Osiris (the Thoth and god of wisdom) and became as a god himself. Some theorists claim chambers that faced eastward in The great pyramid must still be hidden. Some theorize that the pyramid may be truncated, or the initiate may have been led to the northern opening at noon. Exactly how it was done remains a mystery. Hopefully the theory presented here will spark further research, and eventually this will be understood as it was meant to be.

According to Manley P. Hall, and also echoed by Peter Tompkins; "The candidate (the illumined of antiquity) passed through the mystic passageways and chambers of the great pyramid, entering its portals as men and coming forth as Gods. The candidate was laid in the great stone coffin (sarcophagus) and for three days his spirit -freed from its mortal coil- wandered at the gateways of eternity. His "KA" (as a bird) flew through the spiritual spheres of space. He discovered that the entire universe is life, the entire universe is progress, the entire universe is eternal growth. Realizing that his body was a house that he could slip out of and return to without death, he achieved actual immortality. At the end of three days he returned to himself again, and having thus personally and actually experienced the great mystery, he was indeed an initiate -one who beheld and one for whom religion had fulfilled her duty bringing him to the light of God."

Through personal experience I can see plainly the truth behind this initiatory rite. While experiencing the effects of the Amanita muscaria one surely ascends towards the heavens, and descends towards the abyss. Interesting that the under-world is called Amenta, which I see as accessible through the Amanita, the linguistic relation is astounding. The experience of the abyss is easily recognized as every atom of the self is dashed to pieces in the self-introspection and judgment that accompanies the plunge into that vortex which spirals downward to the complete annihilation of the self. The flash of ones life before ones eyes leaves no stone unturned as each and every event of ones life surfaces into the consciousness. This is where one learns the humility of the adept, the infallibility of perfection and the inevitability of error. "Judge not that ye be not judged" becomes ever so clear in retrospect, and the "heart that is light as a feather" suddenly becomes the most valuable element in the universe. The profound effect of direct sunlight, especially the sunrise, is something that can only be described as a "Born into the Light" experience. Each atom of the body can be felt to change somehow as the light traveling through the body can be distinctly sensed each micrometer of the way. Once it finishes its course, and the complete body is engulfed, there is an incredible "stepping through" experience, wherein the glorious beauty and ecstasy of the heavens unfold. This is an experience of the most profound and unique type. As far as I know, it is the only Entheogen that produces this effect, and in fact this IS that proscribed experience that all the ecstatic religious writings refer to. This initiation ritual is certainly a prescribed methodology for the ultimate experience that a human can have. Knowing the up-and-down effect that the Mushroom has, which is much like an elevator ride, reaching indefinable realms of the heavens, followed by a sudden plunge to the depths, then an up-sweeping again to the ascent, it can seem random or at least unpredictable at best. This Egyptian guided experience, that holds one down in the depths for three days, then by design moves the initiate into the sunlight to begin the ascent, reminds me of a slingshot. The further back (down) you pull the projectile (initiate) the further (higher) it (he) goes. This, combined with the multi-dimensionality associated with the enigmatic attributes and energy fields of the pyramid itself (the full understanding of which is NOT available to us - and in fact our understanding can only be termed as infantile in our times) makes for an enigmatic voyage of the soul of man. The concepts and mechanics of which have been locked away from our limited understanding for these thousands of years, beneath a myriad of symbols and relics. That it must have been known, due to the recurring cycles of the evolution of man, that at some point in time, the secrets of this mystery would be re-discovered, only adds to this enigma of the past. The prophecies and revelations of those mystics the world over, who tell of an ushering in of the new golden age, remain void of fulfillment. But perhaps not forever.

In the past, as today, the acceptance and challenges of these steps of initiation could have been the product of man's desire and search to understand the meaning of life, or the desire to help mankind progress, through diligent effort of individuals with compassion. These are admirable motivations. However, there is always the threat of a more sinister motive, which is the desire for power. This dark desire seems to be the source of the obscuration of this entire concept. It is my opinion that those without pure intent (hearts as light as a feather) would be unable to withstand the powers invoked in the fullness of this true ritual. The results of which, for those dark souls, may be death or insanity. This failure rate may be the reason for the falling away from the use of this rite in its fullness. It can be demonstrated by the condition the world is in. After all, it is those secret societies (which follow this Egyptian model) that control the finances, governments, and religious systems that currently plague the planet with perversions of truth and fascist agendas not becoming of the truly enlightened.

In looking at ancient Egyptian texts available to us today we find many references to foods. These foods play an important part in the rituals of the ancient Egyptians. There are a number of hieroglyphic depictions of plants (many of which are psychedelic) on walls and within texts throughout Egypt. This is to be expected, yet this goes undetected or dismissed by most who are studying Egypt and its religious writings. This is very strange when one reads texts such as found in The Egyptian book of the Dead. Here we see that this food is central to the ritual.

The Papyrus of Ani (The doctrine of eternal life)

He thirsts not, nor hungers, nor is sad; he eats the bread of Ra and drinks what he drinks daily, and his bread also is that which is the word of Keb, and that which comes forth from the mouths of the gods. He eats what the gods eat, he drinks what they drink, he lives as they live, and dwells where they dwell; all the gods give him their food that he may not die. Not only does he eat and drink of their food, but he wears the apparel which they wear, the white linen and sandals; he is clothed in white, and he goeth to the great lake in the midst of the Field of Offerings whereon the great gods sit; and these great and never failing gods give unto him [to eat] of the tree of life of which they themselves do eat.

Now we can plainly see that this "Food of the Gods" has some major significance for the Egyptians. We cannot overlook the "food" is also referred to as bread (see Christian sacrament), and perhaps most importantly it is referred to as "The tree of Life". Now it must become apparent that this tree was not new when Christianity adopted it, neither was it new when the Sumerians depicted it. Quite likely it was not new when the Egyptians wrote it about either. What is apparent is that this relic was adapted throughout time by diverse cultures and religions from a common source. My speculation as to the specific origin is not important, what I am attempting to point out is the commonality of these specific titles given to this "Celestial Food" and the multitude of paralleling references and titles of "it".

Let's examine some more from the "Egyptian book of the dead".

"Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy. Thou art the governor of Tattu (Busiris), and also the mighty one in Sekhem (Letopolis). Thou art the Lord to whom praises are ascribed in the name of Ati; thou art the Prince of divine food in Anu.

It can be argued that this "Divine food" is a mysterious thing that is inaccessible to humans, however, what good would all of these references to this substance be if it were not something to actually eat for the initiates? And furthermore; Is there any actual reference to it being anything other than an actual food?

And again:

May Ra give glory, and power, and truth-speaking, and the appearance as a living soul so that he may gaze upon Heru-khuti, to the KA of the Osiris the Scribe Ani, who speaketh truth before Osiris, and who saith: Hail, O all ye gods of the House of the Soul, who weigh heaven and earth in a balance, and who give celestial food

Above we see powerful praises given to the gods who give celestial food. Who is doing all of this praising? Certainly it is not the gods praising the gods, but the initiates who are the recipients of the food (from the gods) who would praise them for their gift.

Still again:

May I look upon the Lords of the Tuat, or, according to another reading, the Company of the Gods; may I smell the savor of the divine food of the Company of the Gods

Grant ye to me my mouth that I may speak therewith, and cause ye that sepulchral offerings shall be made unto me in your presence, for I know you, and I know your names, and I know also the name of the mighty god before whose face ye set your celestial food

Others, however, say that it is the way by which Father Tem travelleth when he goeth forth to Sekhet-Aaru, [the place] which produceth the food and sustenance of the gods who are [in] their shrines.

Thy KA riseth up with the celestial food hu and tchefau.

Consider this explanation given in the translation notes:

Tchefau according to E.A. Wallace Budge, is the name of the food on which the gods lived, And may be compared to the Ambrosia and Nectar on which the gods lived on Olympus. Hu is called the god of taste, and in the papyrus of Ani it states that the gods Hu and Saa were created from the drops of blood that landed on the ground when Ra cut off his phallus. Budge states also that although it is known that Hu and Saa were nature gods, their exact role and part has not been satisfactorily made out.

We cannot dismiss the similarities within the above when we compare the phallus of Rhudra (Red Hindu god whose red phallus grows in the forest). Nor the appearance of the mushrooms in the mythology of Odin wherein his horse's spittle mingled with blood, as it hit the ground, sprouted the Amanita mushrooms. Hu and Saa are again anthropomorphized mushroom gods (of nature). We also see another reference to the god being hidden (below).

The God cometh forth from his hidden place, [and] tchefau food falleth from the eastern horizon of heaven at the word of Nut.

Coming forth from his hidden place is directly associated here with the tchefau food appearing from the heavens. Now there comes a very interesting passage that I will put to you (the reader) for dissection. See if you realize the parallel that I will draw forthwith.

"Horus is both the divine food and the sacrifice"

As pointed out by John Allegro (The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross) Jesus has a duality. He is both the man (or god) and the mushroom (the food) and of course the sacrifice (the mushroom dying in order to be eaten). This is serious parallelism that must be considered when attempting to understand the passages wherein Jesus is explaining the "two Mannas" in the book of John and why his flesh must be eaten.

And more:

Let the gods of the Tuat be afraid of me, and let them fight for me in their halls. Let them see that thou hast provided me with food for the festival. I am one of those Spirit-souls who dwell in the Light-god. I have made my form in his Form, when he cometh to Tetu. I am a Spirit-body among his Spirit-bodies; he shall speak unto thee the things [which concern] me. Would that he would cause me to be held in fear! Would that he would create [in them] awe of me! Let the gods of the Tuat be afraid of me, and let them fight for me [in their halls]. I, even I, am a Spirit-soul, a dweller in the Light-god, whose form hath been created in divine flesh.

Perhaps the reader will not be so astonished now when I put forward the concept that the "Divine Flesh" which is being referred to is the flesh of the divine mushroom, Amanita muscaria.

Now let us move forward to see what special abilities (or protection) is obtained for those who understand what all of this is talking about.

[If] this Chapter [be known by the deceased], he shall come forth pure by day after his death, and he shall perform every transformation that his soul desireth to make. He shall be among the Followers of Un-Nefer, and he shall satisfy himself with the food of Osiris, and with sepulchral meals. He shall see the Disk [of the sun], he shall be in good case upon earth before Ra, and his word shall be truth in the sight of Osiris, and no evil thing whatsoever shall have dominion over him for ever and ever.

I have already pointed out that the Egyptian book of the dead is not exclusively for the deceased, but for those who die and are reborn (as in the death and rebirth experience) and is a type of map of the out-of-body world (spiritual dimension). The concept of coming forth pure by day (being reborn) has certain attributes. Coming forth pure could be the new understanding that is achieved through this experience, allowing the experiencer to shed the old guilt-ridden self and become new and pure. This is one of the things I stress over and over again, that true understanding allows one to shed guilt because it is realized that the guilt itself is caused by false dogma. The last sentence being "no evil thing shall have dominion over him for ever and ever" being the finality of true realization, wherein, no evil thing (false law or law-giver) will ever be able to drag him down into the pit of guilt and despair again.

Now we must approach a point which must be made, and understood, as to the secrecy of the mushroom and why it has been kept only for certain "chosen" individuals all throughout time. Many people have questioned "Why is this a secret?" or "Where do you get the idea that this is the secret?" Or even "Who are you referring to when you say they kept it a secret?" As I have said before, I feel this knowledge is now for everyone. All of mankind can now know and understand this, should their paths lead them in the right direction. Seek and ye shall find has more meaning when information is openly available. For many this concept has gone un-answered throughout time and these ancient secrecy-keeping ideas may have been the reason. It must be pointed out that this is the Egyptian version of the concept of keeping "the secret". The Celestial food playing a central role within the teachings of "The Egyptian book of The Dead" it can be argued that "this" is the reasoning for the secrecy (The knowledge of what exactly the celestial food is) for if one is to fully realize the book and its meaning the knowledge of what this food is would be a high priority. Therefore fully revealing the secret of the book would be the revealing of the true identity of the substance (the celestial food).

Again from the Egyptian book of the Dead:

Let not the multitude [know of it] except thyself and the beloved friend of thy heart. Thou shalt do this book in the seh chamber on a cloth painted with the stars in colour all over it. It is indeed a mystery. The dwellers in the swamps of the Delta nad everywhere there shall not know it. It shall provided the Khu with celestial food upon in Khert-Neter. It shall supply his Heart-soul with food upon earth. It shall make him to live for ever. No [evil] thing shall have the master over him.


Thou shalt not perform this ceremony before any human being except thine own self, or thy father, or thy son, because it is an exceedingly great mystery of the Amentet, and it is a type of the hidden things of the Tuat. When this ceremony hath been performed for the deceased, the gods, and the Spirit-souls, and the dead shall see him in the form of Khenti-Amenti, and he shall have power and dominion like this god

Much in the same vein as the "Pearls before swine" parable, here we see specific exclusionary concepts pertaining to the book, the food, and the ritual itself. Herein we have overtones of the very essence of the Egyptian Mystery Schools. The secret oaths and combinations which have kept this mystery under lock and key for far too long may have had their time, but no longer. It is of course my understanding that this food is the central element to the Egyptian religion (as it is in many others) and the central and deepest kept secret of the many exclusive secret societies that were to follow in its footsteps. As in Egypt so in the rest of the world, the mushroom (celestial tree-of-knowledge/life) is the central (hidden) and most important element within religion itself.

And finally:

May the goddess Sekhmet raise me, and lift me up. Let me ascend into heaven, let that which I command be performed in Het-ka-Ptah. I know how to use my heart. I am master of my heart-case. I am master of my hands and arms. I am master of my legs. I have the power to do that which my KA desireth to do. My Heart-soul shall not be kept a prisoner in my body at the gates of Amentet when I would go in in peace and come forth in peace

He shall be in high favour with the king, and with the shenit nobles of his court, and there shall be given unto him cakes and cups of drink, and portions of flesh, upon the altar-table of the Great God.

KMT or Khemit (Al Khemit) The ancient name for Egypt

Al Khemit: (Ancient Egypt) The heart of the lost civilization

Much has been said about the great pyramid at Gizeh, and the ancient temples of the region along the Nile, yet even after thousands of years of wonder there still remains a hidden and vast amount of information that research and study can not explain. One of the biggest problems in putting the pieces of the puzzle together is there is so much erroneous and false information about it, which is accepted as fact. Dates of 2,500 to 3,500 BCE as the dates of construction of the pyramids at Gizeh, and other structures in the region, should be taken with a grain of salt. Taking into consideration the predominance of obvious dogma associated with nearly everything concerning Egypt, including the very name of the place, which is actually Al Khemit or KMT, Egypt being the Greek name given after their occupation of the area, it should be no surprise that much information is hidden about the true religious history of those North African peoples. A land that has been stripped of its history, religion, and even its very name by those who conquered and re-conquered the area. A perfect example of the dogma is the accepted Egyptologist's explanation of the construction of the pyramids. Two technologies/methods were needed and are described, in the ancient texts, for construction. One is the blocks had to be quarried, cut out of solid granite. The tools in the Egyptian museum, in Cairo, supposedly used for this are copper chisels, and round rocks. Anyone who has ever tried to dent a granite rock with a chisel (let alone a copper one) and has seen the precision of the cuts in the granite artifacts knows this is impossible. A round rock beating another rock (granite) is even more unlikely. It is known that some of the artifacts were produced by this method, but those items are obviously produced in this way, and do not show anything like the precision craftsmanship found on the sarcophagus in the pyramid of Khefren. In fact the difference is obvious and astounding. Then there is the problem of moving the granite stones into place. The standard explanation of floating granite blocks on boats and rolling them up ramps to the top of the pyramids is dumbfounding. Some of the granite blocks, statues, and obelisks weigh in excess of 1,200 tons! That is about 2.5 million pounds. You can not roll a 2.5 million pound chunk of Granite across sand (or even hard pan) with logs or anything else, period. In fact the largest cranes on the planet can not even lift anything that heavy. These two feats of wonder, cutting the granite and moving it (lifting it into place), which cannot be done today, even with our highest technology, point to ancient abilities beyond our understanding. There is much speculation about E.T.'s building the pyramids, and speculation about cutting the granite with laser beams. This is another explanation that does not hold water. An engineer friend of mine Christopher Dunn (Author of "The Giza Power Plant") has witnessed what a 2,500 watt laser beam does when it hits solid granite, and it does practically nothing! Anyone familiar with lasers knows that a 2,500 watt laser is extremely powerful. It can cut through solid steel like butter, but granite is another story altogether. Those humans indigenous to the land of ancient Khemit who have passed down an oral tradition of who built the Pyramids, and how, may hold the key to unraveling the truth behind this mystery. Even if the Egyptian poured most of the stones, which theory the deforestation for lime theory solidifies. There are still 300-ton solid Granite stones in the top of the ceiling in the grand gallery of the Great Pyramid that could not have been poured. There is still the problem of the precision of the workmanship.

Winged Isis The winged goddess

Isis, mother of Horus and consort of Osiris. Compare this image to the images of the upturned mushroom cap, the thousand-armed Bodhisattva tanghka, and the winged scarab. The wings again symbolize the gills of the mushroom and this positioning depicts the upturned mushroom cap. Many of the Khemitian goddesses are interchangeable, as are the gods, they are more like mythological titles than actual names. Much like the word god itself is more of a title than an actual name.

There is a body of ancient knowledge, passed down orally over the thousands of years, since the land of ancient Khemit was a flourishing civilization, that has been preserved behind the scenes of governmental and religious influence. The first point being that the ancient Khemitian society was matriarchal. Actually the term matriarchal is incorrect, but it serves the purpose of explanation in contrast to the systems of society and worship that are patriarchal. Matriarchal worship is simply the worship of the goddess, as the primary deity, as creator of all things, rather than the male aspect being the central object of worship. The female deity does not actually dominate as in the male dominated patriarchy. Rather the males raise the goddess up in the spirit of love. The concept of the matriarchal system, as a female dominating societal model, has been adopted in recent feminist movements. But the entire concept has actually lost much of its true meaning thanks to those who try to adapt the obvious dominant position of the male in the patriarchal systems to the female. In the ancient system the female was the primary object of worship and veneration, yet the concept of dominance is strictly a patriarchal concept and was not an issue in the ancient cosmology. The female, though the primary object of worship, did not have the need nor the desire for dominance.

The switch from matriarchal society to patriarchal society, on a global scale, accompanied the demise of the lost civilization. An incredible mythology exists in the ancient Khemetian tradition that sheds light on the entire cosmology of the matriarchal to patriarchal shift, the cycles of human evolution, and perhaps the very reason why the mushroom is hidden from mainstream view. The mythology is of the goddess Nut and her male consort Geb. The goddess Nut (pronounced Noot) is depicted as a female with her feet on the ground arching forward curving her body to where her hands also touch the ground. Geb is reclined on the ground underneath her. Her body is filled with stars, as she is the goddess of the sky or firmament of the heavens. During the day the sun passes through her in 4 stages, mid-morning, noon, early afternoon, and late afternoon. The last stage is when the sun leaves her body and passes at sunset into the underworld (Amenta). This is called the Amun state. There are five states of the sun during a 24-hour period. This cycle is transformed into a longer period of time that encompasses a sixty-five thousand year cycle. This cycle is thought to recur again and again over the eons of time, the position of the sun corresponding with the state of humanity as pertaining to the level of enlightenment, or the direct knowledge of the gods present on earth. The Amon state, or the period of darkness, is where we are now in the cosmology of this myth. This Amon state is known as the hidden (which is what Amon means) wherein the true nature and direct knowledge of the gods is hidden from humanity. This corresponds with the matriarchal to patriarchal shift that happened around eight thousand years ago. The sun (or light of the world) is not in the body of the goddess Nut, but has passed out of her under the earth into the hidden state or the place reclined upon by Geb. The Amon (hidden) state is portrayed as lasting eight thousand years that puts us in this time-line at the end of the period of darkness. In other words The sun (light of the world, symbol of enlightenment) is about to be born upon the horizon and enter into the firmament of Nut’s body and a new state of enlightenment is about to come upon the earth. A switch must accompany this to the matriarchal system. However the matriarchal concept needs to be understood in its actuality rather that as a shifted and superimposed form of the system of patriarchy.


The Djed Pillar

The Djed pillar is associated with the Cedars of Lebbanon. Does this image look like a Cedar to you? There is certainly a reason why this is shaped this way. Of course it is not actually the cedar, but what grows underneath which the pillar symbolizes. Osiris, who happens to be the god of the underworld, the god of the moon, of plants and vegetation is connected. Some say it symbolizes the penis of Osiris, which was never found after Set cut Osiris into 13 pieces, and hid them. This makes sense, but for deepening reasons. Isis found all of his parts and re-assembled them, except she could not find the penis. Using magic she fashioned a penis for him from a living tree (or part of a tree) and used it to impregnate herself on Dec 21st (winter Solstice). Osiris lay dead for 3 days (as the sun stopped it's north/south motion) and on Dec 25th Isis gave birth to Horus. Other stories say that Set put Osiris into a coffin and floated his body down (up) the Nile, Isis found him grown into a Cedar tree (djed). The Djed was used in fertility rites and rites of passage for young females as a practice phallus. This is remarkably similar to the Hindu myth of Rhudra the red god, who was murdered in the forest, his penis severed. As his revenge, his severed red penis returns every year as the mushroom.


Amon and Amaunet feeding Horus the Ankh

Amon (the one with the feather crown seated to the left), in this relief, is holding the arm of the initiating Horus. while he pushes the Ankh into his mouth. Viewing this relief head on, Horus has his mouth closed (pictured). If you step around the pillar, to the left, you see an incredible optical effect. Horus opens his mouth wide to accept this gift. His consort Amaunet accompanies Amon, and the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet accompanies Horus, ready for his travel into Amenta.


The Djed Pillar and Ankh Combination

The Ankh and the Djed are both symbols for the same thing (or perhaps 2 types of mushrooms). This Ankh with the imbedded Djed is a clue that they the same meanings. The Djed that grows under the Cedar and the Ankh that is symbolic for the mushroom and the cross as well as meaning waters and life, or "The waters of life", the juice extracted from the mushroom. The Ankh is often displayed as being poured out of vessels, in streams of ankhs, which are interpreted as water. However, it is not just any water. It is the water that has the magical properties of eternal life.


Mushrooms in temple Hieroglyphs

It doesn't take linguistic translation, or interpretation to read this hieroglyph, or at least this part of it. This temple wall was buried for thousands of years and still manages to have some paint remnants. Notice that one mushroom is red and one mushroom is blue.


Single Mushroom Hieroglyph

This hieroglyph is located outside the exit of an underground tunnel which was/is used in a death and rebirth rite of passage ritual. After passing through the tunnel (which symbolizes the womb) one has been through a profound initiation. Especially if one is fortunate enough to do the ritual properly.


Huge mushroom shaped pillars

The pillars that are at every temple in Egypt are shaped like giant mushrooms. These are shaped like the Amanita some are shaped like Psilocybe. Others look like tree fungus and are decorated with pictures of an incredible variety of plants. As the ultimate Alchemists, the Al Khemitians revered thousands of plants in their artwork.

Mithraism, a forerunner to Christianity, source for many of the borrowed myths.


Mithras, as a Lion-headed God

Many of the ancient gods transcend their respective periods of local worship. Observing their attributes, such as having a miraculous virgin birth, divine manifestation, purpose etc., it is possible to conclude that a certain deity in one culture is the same deity in another. The icon may have a different name, but was most certainly a new incarnation of a previous god. Cultural adaptation of myth is the norm, not the exception. This brings up threads connecting gods from one period of time, to another. Also at any given time there could be several gods, all of whom had metamorphosed out of the same previous god. Such is the time of the inception of Christianity. When the new god Jesus had a rival in the personification of Mithra. A careful examination of these two gods clearly reveals so many similarities, that in descriptive terms alone they must have been different adaptations of a previous deity. Mithra is the same mythic being as Sol Invictus (Roman), Ra (Egyptian), and Surya (Indian), all of which are sun gods. The similarities between Horus (Egypt), Mithra (Persia), Krishna (India) and Jesus number in the hundreds. It can be argued that if you trace all of the gods back through time it may be possible to find the original. This original resides in the myths of the gods themselves, as those aspects that remain the same. "Take and eat, This is my body" is the central theme. All of the ancient god myths contain some sort of a sacramental food, and anthropomorphically this food becomes, at some point, a personification of the god itself.


Snakes and Stones

This picture demonstrates the button (first) state, as well as the intermediary stages, of the mushroom's growth.

Transforming out of the button/egg infantile state, the mushroom's appearance becomes more like that of a snake. Once the mushroom has fully grown, decayed, and dissolved it leaves behind a hole. This is due to it's pushing the Pine needles or earth outward, as it expands. Around the hole is a white powdery substance, actually the many spores it left behind. This hole resembles a snake's hole, or lair, which is another reasoning for the mushroom's being symbolized as a snake. Most certainly, the depiction of the snake, in the garden of Eden, which revealed to humans secret knowledge that the fruit of the tree would make them as god, is a grand myth regarding this association.


The Temples of Mithra

Mithra initiates would partake of a Sacred Meal in their ceremonies, invoking The Out Of Body experience. An ritually designed sacramental, Shamanistic, and communal Gnosis.

The Mithraic temples of worship, known as Mithraeum, are designed like few other temples on earth. Typically inside the place of worship would be rows of bathtubs (tubs) along the two side walls, or lined in two parallel rows from the rear wall to the front of the main room. Providing places where many initiates could lie down during ceremonies. The tubs were tools in the mechanics of producing a communal experience. The purpose being, the joining together of the minds of the participants with the universal mind. The next phase being, to exit the planet (physical realm) in a spiritual flight to the heavens (stars). This is a bold expectation to perceive, let alone one you can convince someone they have had, especially if after the ceremony they have not. Filled with salt water these tubs would become instant sensory-deprivation-tanks. Much like those depicted in the movie "Altered States". A group of scientist's Amanita muscaria experimentation tale. In this movie the experiencer digresses into a primordial state of existence. The plot is clear that this consciousness was exactly what the scientist was expecting to find. The quest is all-important in this viewpoint, as the answers can only be given to the questions that are asked.

The ancients had a strangely discomforting experience, upon viewing a human body, at death, being consumed by worms (maggots). Their fascination, with the process, was symbolized within many religious pantheons. The worm is associated as the snake, as an easily recognizable serpent, of some kind. The mushrooms go through the same disintegration process, as they expire they fill with worms and dissolve. Crocodiles were also mythologized, as another recognizable cohort in their pantheon of animals. Dragons too, are a product of these elaborated genera. This may very well be the reason for embalming bodies in Egypt, and elsewhere. An attempt to prevent the disintegration of the body, and the resultant putrefaction by the worms. If there is something to mummification's preventing the body from being eaten by the worms, it might be, if you preserve the body, maybe you really preserve the soul. At least your DNA might withstand millennia of time, waiting for science to be able to reincarnate any person in the world that they had DNA samples from. But could they have been thinking about this back then? To preserve or putrefy, an option afforded to the wealthy, may be a choice reflecting a primitive knowledge of this possibility. Today there are companies that will freeze your brain, or even your whole body, with a similar purpose in mind. I like the idea of worms eating my flesh when I'm dead. I like thinking that the worms then carry my DNA within them, as they metamorphose into flies or gnats and spread my genetic material across the planet, distributing it, eventually, back into the earth. Then again, if somehow, preservation is necessary for the science of the future to resurrect my long dead self, I wonder what all of this theology stuff is really all about? Just food for thought...


The Stargate

Here is an incredible artifact, one that is known as the "Mithraic Stargate". If anyone happened to see the movie "Stargate", note how this looks remarkably like the stargate in the movie, right down to the symbols around the circular gate. In this case, the symbols are Astrological signs. In the movie, they were replaced by anomalous, somewhat hieroglyphic, symbols, location points in the stars. The religion of Mithra centered around the initiate's ability to communally, astral-travel. Of course the out-of-body experience was facilitated through the eating of the sacred meal. After consumption, the initiates could traverse the galaxies, witnessing, as the ancient Egyptians, first hand, the reality that the spirit of the human being is not restricted to the physical universe, or the physical body for that matter. This is the true revelation of the immortality of the soul, or at least the realization of such. This concept is so similar to the Egyptian initiatory rites that it is solid evidence some of the hidden traditions of the ancients did migrate into later incarnations of various religious orders. http://web.archive.org/web/20060706175004/jamesarthur.net/mm_02.html



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Amanita muscaria:
The Mushrooms that shaped Mankind Part 3
Eastern philosophy esoterica:

The mysteries of SOMA and AMRITA, the efficatious properties of the magical/sacramental/transformational foods and drinks of Hinduism and Buddhism. The hidden keys to Enlightenment. (The Enigma Continues)

History recalls how great the fall can be
While eberybody's sleeping, the boats put out to sea
Borne on the wings of time
It seemed the answers were so easy to find
"Too late," the prophets cry
The island's sinking, let's take to the sky

So many early religions have used this Mushroom in their sacraments, initiations, and rituals it makes for a good argument that revealing this knowledge could perhaps achieve what many throughout the world have long desired, a common ground which all religions share at their very roots. A basic common denominator that should theoretically bring them together. However, even though they did spring from the same source, there has been so much dogma added to the respective branches of the religious tree, which have focused upon derision and ridicule of the various others, that even though a commonality like this is found, there may truly be no hope for this ever happening. First and foremost to this concept ever working would be the acceptance and revealing of it in the first place. This would undermine the authority of religious figureheads, who rely on the beliefs (of their subjects), that they (or their religion) possess the only true authorized contact with God. By admitting non-exclusivity, of this divine right, to their supporters, they would be relinquishing authority, and therefore power. In my opinion, for this reason, it is not likely to ever happen.

There may be a reason that this mushroom has remained hidden for these thousands of years. What has become clear, is that cosmologically every religion on our planet looks forward to a time in the future where man will have direct contact with what can be defined as God. The thousand year reign of the messiah, the new golden age, the return of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mithra, King Arthur, etc, etc, etc, is a commonality that is the hoped-for relief to the people that wish to live in peace, and understanding. A time when all lies will be exposed. A time when oppression of freedom will cease. A time that hinges completely on truth and reality, not societal delusions of those who wish to control humanity according to their dogmatic and sadistic beliefs. This mushroom plays a huge role in the coming dispensation of this "Golden Age".

The stories and myths retain their basic structure, but the names of the key players have been changed, as they were incorporated into new religious systems. This is why most religions contain stories of the flood, the creation epic, the attributes of deities, and similar laws of government. Authors; Sitchin, Bramley and Horn, have written about the extraterrestrial connections in the complex study of mankind, and their so-called gods. Here is my take on the subject after studying this.

The Gold of flesh

The Mushroom itself has very interesting features that resemble, and have been related to Gold, Flesh, Blood (and blood vessels), Phallus, Vulva, Fire, Saucer, Cup, as well as a disc or orb. The mushroom has been, anthropomorphically, personified as a Man, a God, something of extraterrestrial origins, and a Plant God, SOMA, who was mediator between Mankind and the God/Gods/Goddesses, in the ancient Hundu religious books known as "The Vedas".

Hinduism: Soma the "Plant God" and other symbolism.

The Groundbreaking Book

R. Gordon Wasson's insightful and inspired work identifying the ancient Vedic and Hindu plant God, SOMA, as the Amanita muscaria was the pioneering work in a field that would be known as Ethnomycology. In about 1980, while discussing the topic the inebriant, as it is found in Christianity, Gordon told me that he felt I was probably the world’s leading expert in this aspect of the field. This was a very great moment for me and spurred me on to expand my research into even more ancient roots of similar myths. This is when things really got interesting. After discovering the roots and history of Christianity, then moving on to study other world religions, it is like graduating College, and then finding out that everything you learned is wrong. Understanding the concepts of mythology and symbolism, realizing the political nature of established religion and society (with some help of the Socio-psychology of Wilhelm Reich), the next steps of understanding transform into leaps.


Churning The Milky Ocean

In Angkor, Cambodia, Holy temples mix Hindu and Buddhist Theology. Note the appearance of this beautiful structure, a megalithic Pine forest, created in stone.

The Pine (Coniferous) tree is the host for the mushroom mycelium, as we have seen, this intricate relationship with the trees and the mushrooms was obviously understood, and revered in ancient times all over the world. This structure is a monument to the trees and the fruit that grows underneath them. The most sacred of all things is the elixir of immortality, which is Soma/Amrta, produced from the mushroom, also sacred are the host trees themselves. This is why this incredible structure must have been created in the image of a great stone Pine forest, fortified by walls covered with Bas- reliefs, depicting the stories of the sacred acts pertaining to enlightenment. The temple holds the history of great learning, the culmination of which is the knowledge of the elixir and its consumption. At the base of the pine tree towers, inside the courtyard, is where the testing of the aspirants would occur, as in nature, where at the base of the pines the Soma can be found. Mix the discovery with the understanding, and the testing begins. The knowledge of Astronomy/Astro-theology was of great importance to many ancient cultures, and may remain so, especially if one is to travel out of body, or multidimensionally into the heavens. The alignments and positioning of the stars, holding such deep importance, demands that we search out all possible explanations.


The Great War between Good and Evil

These Demons are pulling the Naga serpent Vasouki across a bridge to one of the gates that leads to the Bayon temple (which represents the Holy Mountain), at Angkor Thom, Cambodia.

The Gods and Demons have always waged war in the attempt to control humanity. It is horrifying that one such war (between good and evil, as depicted in the myth) could have caused the complete destruction of this place. The Vietnam war decimated this part of the world, from which it has never recovered, and it's nothing less than miraculous that these sites are still standing. The acts of war and the governments (secret societies) that wage them have little interest in the understanding of the messages contained in these artifacts, other than the most likely supposition that they would want this type of structure destroyed, in the hopes of burying their knowledge under the rubble of eternity. The entire Vietnam controversy has been exposed as nothing more than greedy governments playing war games to instill a military presence that could take all control of the drug commodities in the region. The greed and disgusting facts that this exposes is exactly what this type of story tries to convey. Good and evil are always at war, but the question is, who is good and who is evil? War is evil. The only good is that which opposes war. So more importantly, who is pulling the strings of the puppets of destruction? Both sides are usually under the delusional belief that they are acting in the name of good. This duality of purpose and belief could be easily exposed if thinking man would refuse to war, period. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, and ‘Never War’.

The Gods and Demons

The Demons pull the Naga serpent in one direction turning the tide of humanity towards evil.

Hindu and Buddhist myths take on great form in Bas-reliefs, Statues, and Architecture. The Angkor Wat temple holds one of the most profound and important of Hindu mysteries. The manifestation of the Elixir of "Immortality". The churning-of-the-milky-ocean is a myth that allegorically depicts the spiraling (churning) of our milky way galaxy, and the precession of the equinoxes. The Ocean is that on which the entire universe was thought to rest. This churning is the act that produces the Amrta (Elixir of Immortality). A high knowledge of mathematics involved in the calculation on the precession of the equinoxes and the understanding of the spiraling of our galaxy, encoded within the structure of the temple, defies the idea that these were primitive peoples. The Universe is called "The milky ocean", it is the churning of this ocean in a ageless battle between the forces of good and evil, which produces the Amrta (SOMA). Vasouki, a giant Naga serpent, is wrapped around the great holy mountain, Mandera, and is pulled back and forth to churn the ocean. Vishnu attempts to steady the mountain by holding the serpent at the middle, gyrating with the tides of battle, the mountain is steadied to a slight wobble (which represents the earth’s rotation through precession). The mountain rests upon a great tortoise, which is another incarnation of Vishnu. The Serpent is stretched around the mountain in a great tug-of-war in which two teams (fifty-four Gods, and fifty-four Demons) pull the serpent back and forth. This great pulling between the forces of good and evil turns the mountain like the rotor in a washing machine. This is the great battle between in which good and evil actually work together to produce the elixir of immortality, Soma, Amrta.


Those who War

Another depiction of the serpent Vasouki.

I came upon a child of God
He was walking along the road
When I asked him, "where are you going?"
This he told me...
We are stardust
We are golden
And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden
--- Joni Mitchell

Buddhism, Amrta, Reincarnation, and the "Wheel of Life" (Samsara).

Buddhism has been transformed into several of the most mystical traditions that exist. There are mainly 3 forms of Buddhism. Hinayana; which is based upon some of the seed precepts, Mahayana; which is thought of as the big-slow-boat to enlightenment, and Vajrayana; which is considered the lightning fast method (small boat) to enlightenment. The Vajrayana meditation implement of choice being the Vajra (Dorje) which is a metal object round at both ends with a connecting piece in-between which is held and focused upon as a tool for quickly attaining Nirvava. Vajra means the Lightning bolt that moves quickly, hence the speedy enlightenment. There is another element to this quick process that also relates to the Vajra. It regards higher levels in the secrets of esoteric Buddhism attainable through the receiving of special knowledge reserved for those who are supposedly ready for it. Of course it is the Lama, Yogi, or particular teacher's prerogative to determine the readiness of each student. And it is also the supposed idea that the teacher is able to impart this knowledge to one who is ready. Once again we see that there is a hierarchical order involved in the dispersion of knowledge and withholding of knowledge which theoretically trickles down to even the lowly uninitiated if he is ready. The reality of this type of system is that it is flawed by its very concept of withholding anything from anybody. The hope of any student to find a teacher for whom their devotion is worthy must be determined by the amount of knowledge a particular teacher has. The limits of the knowledge of the teacher are the limits of the student. Teachers are never willing to admit they are not qualified to teach, so instead they claim to be all knowing. Absolute and total devotion to the guru is an integral part to Buddhism; even refuge is taken in the dharma and the guru's interpretation of it. I point this out as a preface to saying that the higher teachings of Buddhism involve the taking of the mushroom (the 'death of the ego' yoga or 'death yoga'), a teacher who does not know about this is somewhere on the path to finding it out (as we all are). There is much to understand and study in esoteric Buddhism. Of all the several varieties the lightning path method (Vajrayana) is the one that claims enlightenment to be possible in a single lifetime. The others Hinayana and Mahayana (The big slow boat) speak in terms of it taking hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of lifetimes to attain enlightenment (whatever you think that means). Now to me, the Vajrayana, lightning fast method seems like the most promising. It is this Vajra (Lightning) that holds the key, and hence the very name Vajrayana. The mushroom's association with lightning has seed mythological import. In ancient mythologies it was imagined that where lightning struck, there would grow the mushrooms (and some even still hold to this belief). Lightning, as myth, is always associated with clouds, rain and also that all-important element for mushroom growth, water. As an example; Thor throws his hammer (mushroom) to earth and in a flash of lightning accompanied by a thunderous crack it appears on the ground. A look at the hammer will back this up, if it seems unlikely that the hammer is the mushroom. It can be thought of as the Buddhist Vajra, which also resembles a mushroom, and is associated with lightning. Understand; this lightning-fast enlightenment is brought about by the deathlike experience attained through the Vajra/Mushroom initiation. Without it the teaching and entire concept loses its very heart and soul. So as I was saying a teacher worth devotion will understand this, and those that don't? Well, all are on the path.

Meditation and visualization techniques are commonly represented as a complete form of practice, and certainly they are effective in themselves to a certain extent yet I am certain that the different techniques were actually developed in order to expedite the processes one goes through while in the amanita realms of consciousness. The centering, focusing, concentrating and controlled visualization is very helpful when time dissolves and the soul is put through the proverbial ringer. I have always heard stories of Yogis or Teachers of various practices claiming to attain the ultimate consciousness without any exogenous chemicals, yet the ultimate is extremely experiential, therefore who can really say? It's like comparing apples with oranges, or better yet listening to someone else compare apples with a fruit which they have never tasted. It also must be considered that all brain functions are the result of an electrical-chemical operation (not that all consciousness is only that) but dreams, near-death-experiences, psychic phenomenon and visions have been linked to endogenously (naturally) produced chemicals within the brain itself. Namely; Pinoline (an M.A.O.I.) and Dimethyltryptamine (D.M.T.) which are secreted by the pineal gland. This will be dealt with in greater depth at a later time. The only experience one can really understand is that which they have experienced for themselves (especially in terms of enlightenment or portions thereof). Ancient Buddhist traditions that are still practiced today (at the higher initiatory levels) involve isolation in a cave in darkness. This level of initiation is known to produce quite the experience, but why? The reality is when an aspirant goes into the cave (and is isolated from light) for an extended period of time the pineal gland reactivates and produces the natural Ayahuasca (chemicals mentioned earlier) and higher brain functioning (mystical) results are achieved. This can be claimed (to have been done) without the aid of entheogenic chemicals as none were taken physically into the body. But to claim that no chemicals were involved is highly in error. The same can be said for many other practices (including sexual ecstasy), which produce a plethora of various brain-chemical activities. So it is that each, and I would assume all, various practices associated with enlightenment within Buddhism (as well as other systems) have been developed to create certain brain-chemical functions whether by endogenous or exogenous means. This is the seed elemental concept by which all mystical experience can be measured. Chemicals are the multi-dimensional doorways by which humans achieve expanded states of consciousness, and even those states that are thought to be natural (and in fact are the product of natural chemicals) must still be considered electro-chemical in nature. When I first started studying Buddhism I was extremely impressed with the iconography of the deities within the Bardo (Tibetan transition states between incarnations) because I had literally seen and become one with them. In fact many times when I describe the various Bardo stages of the soul passing from one lifetime to another, people react similarly. They understand it, because they have seen it. I won't go into it too much here but for those interested there is a video set out by the late Joseph Campbell called "Transformations of Myth through time" wherein he describes the visions within the Bardo quite exquisitely. It would also (on another note of expanded study) be very illuminating to read "The Psychedelic Experience" by T. Leary, R. Metzner and R. Alpert (Ram Das) which is a manual based upon the Tibetan book of the dead wherein the authors explore the concept that the book is not only for the dead and dying but that it is in fact a manual of the of-of-body realms experienced when taking LSD. However, it is my opinion that the manual is exactly this except that it was not LSD but Amanita muscaria that was the entheogen used. There are several others who have thrown some weight to this idea (and also that it is the Amanita which is likely to be the entheogen used in the highest initiatory levels in Buddhism) unfortunately most of these people are rather tunnel-visionary towards Buddhism and categorically reject anything that describes Buddhism as something less than perfect. Much like the limited intellect of fundamentalist Christians they provide evidence that Amanita muscaria was known and used in ancient Buddhist practices (at the highest levels) but ignore the rest of the story. Buddhism is no different than any of the other religions that see fit to withhold critical information from everyone but the highest level initiates (if even then). Amanita muscaria is the Amrta and the wish fulfilling jewel, it is symbolized by the torma cakes and the stupa, is literally the Vajra in Vajrayana and it can be understood quite clearly why this is considered the lighting-fast method to enlightenment.



The Tibetan Bodhisattva Chinrezee, thousand armed manifestation. Remarkable, in its beauty, this artistic depiction is not unique in its symbolic expression. Notice the similarity of the winged scarab and the upturned winged depiction of Isis (in the Egyptology section). The hidden symbolism is, the bottom view of a mushroom cap, the thousand arms representing the gills of the Amanita muscaria.


Meditation Mandala

Tibetan Buddhist, Chakrasamvara, meditation mandala.


The Wheel Of Life

The whole of physical samsara is depicted in this Tibetan tanghka. Samsara, represented as this disc, depicts the physical manifestations in the world and all of the potential states of reincarnation. All physical incarnation depicted within samsara can be considered a prison of which ascension is the escape. This shows six states of incarnation, hell realm, animal realm, hungry ghosts (note that ghosts are depicted within a physical realm), humans, demi-gods, and even gods. Escape from the wheel of life is attained through understanding why one is held there. Through many lives and deaths (or death and rebirth experiences) one can escape by finding out how, which is a process of the acquisition of knowledge. One becomes the way one needs to be (pure compassion for all). This is reasoning for the efficacy offered through death/rebirth experiences facilitated by the mushroom, the process is quickened through personal revelation.

The Stupa, Tibetan ritual meditation object.

The Stupa is one Tibetan ritual object of meditation. Notice the mushroom image with fire coming out of the top. This particular meditation implement is used in Vajrayana Buddhism, the lightning-fast method, which attempts a speedy process of enlightenment, when compared to Mahayana Buddhism, which is also known as the slow (or big) boat. This shows us, intuitively, that there are specific methods that quicken the process of enlightenment. Meditation, one of the methods used by both forms of the practice, involves a mental and physical process, during which, one hopes to quiet the mind, awakening greater portions of the spiritual consciousness. Incorporating the mushroom into this process is one of the hidden secrets of Vajrayana (lightning-fast-method) practice. Meditation is taught at all levels of Buddhist practices, and is crucial to enduring the quickening effects (on the consciousness), which the mushroom offers. In my opinion all forms of meditation (including Kundalini Yoga) were developed to help the mind withstand the consciousness-shattering effects of the mushroom and this is why this object is shaped this way.

Alchemy: The Prima-Materia (Prime matter), and the Philosopher's Stone.


The Alchemical Hermaphrodite

As it is getting now very close to my publishing deadline for this book I must refrain for now on exploring herein this alchemical mystery. Suffice it to say that I am currently working on another book soon to be put into print clarifying the reality of the actual identification of the Prima-materia and the Philosopher's stone, the Amanita muscaria. Don’t get stuck on just the mushroom because it is not the whole story. http://web.archive.org/web/20040811095710/jamesarthur.net/mm_03.html



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Re: James Arthur

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There are unfortunately quite a few missing pictures from the archive, but the information is at least intact. This is the last part so enjoy.

Amanita muscaria:
The Mushrooms that shaped Mankind Part 4

This section deals with elements in society that many would rather not think about, or have to deal with. Inevitably certain people seem to feel the need to oppress others in order to create more wealth and power for themselves. This is the dark side of human nature in its most destructive and despicable manifestation.
Secret Societies, Religion and Government.

The secret of the mushroom is not limited to religions. There have been secret initiatory schools on earth nearly as far back in time as we can look. Secrets have always been synonymous with power. It is not hard to imagine even in the times of the cave men that whoever could make fire had an advantage over those who could not. Sometimes you might have a person who would shares knowledge in an un-selfish manner, on the other side of the coin, you have many who use knowledge to control others through fear and the secrets they wield. Such it is today with those who keep knowledge to themselves for fear of losing their power. This is, in many respects, the same reason that a government would not hesitate to use a nuclear weapon on innocent people, to force their will upon those without the technology to defend themselves. There are those who know the secret of the mushroom, but, motivated by greed and harnessed by secret oaths and combinations, they remain silent. Or worse yet actively work at the repression of the knowledge and the persecution of those who know that which they claim for themselves.

Secret Societies, Government and Religion.

When I watch television, and see the propaganda that spews out of it like the script of a horror movie in the supposed news, when I read the fascist propaganda that is in the newspapers, I know that this dribble is nothing but a smoke-screen to cover up what is really going on in the world of big business and government. It makes me sick when I find out that the executive orders that Bill Clinton and George Bush have written into law, are stealing the rights of every human being on earth (because the "New World Order" is already in that position) in a full on acceleration towards a totalitarian dictatorship, flagrantly forcing the greatest free-world-nation (and all its people) under the hammer of a hidden Fascist regime. It seems there is no longer a world power dedicated to freedom and true human rights anywhere on earth able to stop the fully implemented corporate run governments in power. When I hear that my friends and families doors were kicked in, under the auspices of weeding out the evil people (drug users) of society, when I see or hear of someone knocked down, beaten up, and taken to the dungeons (jail) of the mad Sorcerers (police/judges) lair. I smell the stench of Fascism taking each city by storm, and it is not getting any better. Does anybody realize what type of world these fascist prohibitionist governments are leading us down into? DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! The free world is being destroyed! Government must be stopped in their tracks and all laws regarding the freedom of human beings to ingest whatever they want must be abolished!

The Faschai (Symbol for World Fascism)

The Fasces is the symbol for world Fascism. Fascism is wrongly categorized as only the tenets of Mussolini, or the dictates of Hitler, and in this way is restricted to these aspects alone. However, the fascist agenda, implementation, and execution is rearing its ugly head as the "New World Order". This is actually the same old "Old world Order" as Wilhelm Reich adamantly described, thoroughly, in his life's work. The basic agenda of Fascism is the control and domination of humanity; they aspire to these ends through the agenda tactics of oppressing sexuality, and consciousness/awareness repression. The implementation is through societal/religious models, and the execution is through governmental regulation, under the guise of allowing only proper (to the Fascist view) actions, and enforcement of these repressive laws.

The Faschai, in the House Of Representatives, Washington, D.C. (District of Columbia)

Fasces: A bundle of sticks tied at intervals, with an axe handle affixed at the side towards the top. This is the symbol for world fascism. Which is proudly displayed on both sides of the Rostrum in The House of Representatives, in Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) U.S.A.

If you happen to be a member of any Fraternal/Secret Societal Order, I have a few questions/comments that I would like you to think about. What is your Fraternal Order doing to stop the madness that is going on at the center of this governmental agenda? Do you even have any idea what is going on in the world? You're supposed to, aren't you? The base stones (of the political pyramid, which are you) have to get the hell out from under the other supporting stones of the governmental/societal pyramid, because it is each stone of support that keeps the stones at the top in power. A person who is a member of one of these societal orders, and is either oblivious to what is really happening to the world or is aware of but not doing anything about it, is a stone, which by doing nothing is supporting the rest of the stones-on-high. There is movement within the orders to stop this insidious tyrannical and Fascist dictatorship which is emerging, or so it should be, but I see nothing happening that seems to be having any effect. I do not even see anyone in the forefront of any movement that even is saying anything about what Fascism actually is. The things I mentioned above are those things that you must expect to hear from anyone who actually understands what is going on. Even those who seem to be aware of what is happening here, and speak as if they oppose it, would only replace it with their own form of Fascism, sugar-coated as a new morality, getting back to family and traditional values, which is that same old concept which feeds the Fascist agenda, again.

Sheep: (Good for two things) being fleeced and led to slaughter. Fish: Take it all in... Hook, line, and sinker. Both easy preys for the guilt ridden, accusatory, finger pointing highest order of true Evil: The Televangelist.

Do the secrets of freemasonry have anything to do really with any philosophy or truth? Or is it just a social order to keep group ties stronger? The group ties only keep those who control the agenda stronger, the rest of the members only are allowed to believe they are stronger. The secrets may be there, but they are reserved for those who fit a certain profile, and the rest are only allowed to know those things which will keep them supporting the members who are ranked above them. These are the Fascist agenda societal morals and dogma of the big lie.

Revealing the secrets of Entheogens, one of the most closely guarded secrets of Freemasonry (as well as many other secret societies), is something that can only be done by a layman (non-member). This is because if you have initiation at that level you could not discuss it any further. Secret Societies are called Secret Societies because they keep certain secrets. I have spoken personally with High Priests and Bishops (Secret Society Initiates), who simply told me that they could not discuss anything with me because of their oaths of secrecy. In fact they were so blown away that I knew the information, that it scared the hell out of them. Entheogens, and particularly the Amanita muscaria, are a huge secret. The initiatory rites, into this particular field, are so far up the totem pole of secret societies and religions that when you find those who know, they really freak out, that anyone else knows, because it cuts to the deepest recesses of their self perceived spirituality, and cuts to the center of their most secret God/Society given indoctrination experiences. They have this certain look in their eyes, and unless you somehow are perceived as a threat to them, they invariably have the need to tell you that they do know what you are talking about (which is likely a violation of oath in itself), but they cannot discuss it further. This has left me not only feeling dis-enfranchised but sometimes pretty upset. Which has led to some severe, yet moderated, chastisement from me. Actually, I have nothing against any of those initiates that I have spoken with, personally (including those that knew about it), but secrecy itself is a problem of high proportional magnitude, in regards to the reason this world is in the state which it is in.

In my opinion, the oaths and secret combinations are the basis for that which is fanatical, control oriented and destructive. The secretive vows are one of the biggest reasons that society has degraded. Supposed truth should be given to all for open debate. It is in this way, evolution is enhanced instead of inhibited. The secret societies strive to acquire information, technology, etc., and then hoard it for themselves. They then systematically destroy all public remnants of it, so they can keep it exclusive. This is a major problem for the world; it's like the Christians burning the libraries of the east all over again (after pillaging what they wanted) in an attempt to erase the knowledge (and history) from the public domain forever. This secrecy is an abomination that makes the rest of the world desolate. Just as in the case of religion, where the revealing of the truth would relinquish the churches (and their authorities) of their power over people, so too would the governments and secret societies lose their power, were the truth to be revealed, and those formerly oppressed humans would not take it lightly that their lives have been manipulated through the false morals and dogma of Fascism.

Clothing full of symbolism, a Catholic first-communion robe.

The symbolism of the cup, such as on this Catholic communion robe, is purported to be symbolic for the communion only in the sense that the Priest has the authority to turn wine to blood or bread to body. It is a strange that the colors, shape, and imagery of the symbolism is so mushroom-like, or is it? This symbolism is not meant to be understood, at least beyond the dogmatic level, except by the very few elite. This does not mean the local pastor, bishop, or priest; this is secret knowledge of the highest order.

Alpha and Omega / The Beginning and the End.

It is no coincidence that the gods said "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end", for it is in this image that all things may have been created and in this image that all things may end.

The sacred initiatory sacrament.

This is one picture that sums up a lot of things. The angel is holding a mushroom, which is depicted going into the sacramental cup, with fire coming out of it. There is another angel holding a fire container, which could be used as a cooking apparatus. This is similar to the Egyptian depictions of preparing the celestial food, and it is also very easy to see the Alchemist representations have much in common with this early work. Note the five colors present in the angels: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and white. This is a common motif that will be seen in the next piece, as well, and explored more thoroughly.

The sacred Gateway. As it should be depicted. I love this type of Architecture!!

Just as an entrance to the "Holy of Holies" should be represented, this arching doorway is incredible, in its obvious symbolic allusion. After all, the real secret of the doorway to the presence of the gods is that which takes one literally into the other world, which is where they reside.


Jesus depicted as the lord of magickal plants.

Although Christianity claims to possess the express route to God, and exclusivity to the heavenly realms, yet this can be found imbedded/hidden inside most every religious system on our infantile planet. If (and I say this only to be objective), there is validity to any or all of these ancient, and not so ancient, traditions, it must be found in the real meat of the concept and actuality of the existence of an "other world", and this meat must actually be able to produce access to that world. Regardless of what religion we may choose to study, the basic search is the same, a search for a spiritual existence that is best experienced, and understood, and in the way it was to be understood. Through direct experience of those higher states of consciousness we aspire to, and communion with those entities, which we term as existing within the realm of that which many label as God.

First hand understanding is through the ingestion of the holy substances, of which there has been so much written, that this brief expose' merely scratches the surface of. It is this direct communal contact which is truly the means whereby a human being can experience his true spiritual nature. One must take very seriously his /her own spirituality, for this is that which we truly are. As I stated in the opening sentence, "This experience is of extremely great value". So much so, that I feel it necessary to the evolutionary process of each and every individual, and inevitably to all of mankind.
A Careful look at this picture (Jesus above the four plants underscored by the green vine), reveals much more than is on the surface. This may be an alchemical recipe for the ingredients of the true Soma (or whatever you want to call the elixir of the Gods). The red plant, on the right, is clearly the Amanita muscaria (which produces the quickening of the spirit). The next is clearly another mushroom, but it is blue. This would indicate a Psilocybe species (which opens the third eye). Next, we may have the depiction of the Syrian Rue plant, and pod, which happens to match this depiction in color, as well as structure (Syrian Rue contains Telepathine, an MAO inhibitor, which increases the properties of the other compounds, and Rue is also likely to possess other qualities). The Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala) is an MAO Inhibitor that parallels the function of Pinoline (a natural MAO Inhibitor) naturally produced by the Pineal Gland. The combination of the Pineal secreted DMT (Dimethyltriptamine) and Pinoline (The MAO Inhibitor) may be responsible for naturally occurring psychic experiences as well as UFO contact visualizations. Fourth is a depiction of the Opium Poppy (the euphoria this plant induces enables one to relax enough to let go, which otherwise is a very difficult thing to do, in order to fully experience the visionary state of this intensive plant combination). Fifth is the green vine which underscores the other four, I suggest that this may represent Green plants, including Cannabis (which is used to prevent nausea and also enhances other things, as well as reactivating neuro-pathways opened by entheogens), and other green plants which have a history of indigenous usage the world over, including various grasses and plants which contain DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). It has already been shown through the research of Jace Callway, and others, that DMT containing plants are mixed in brews with MAO Inhibitor containing plants (Banisteriopsis caapi, Syrian Rue etc.), to produce entheogenic brews such as Ayahuasca. These plants must be used in combination, as their psycho-activity individually is limited. This mixture mimics the DMT-Pinoline combination naturally produced by the Pineal Gland (in the brain). Five plants (four specific plants and a fifth group of plants) depicted in one picture, when understanding why each plant could play an important part in inducing the ultimate brew, may be the key to unlocking the mystery of Soma. The problem in concluding the discussion of what exactly Soma was, rests in the disappointment in the experience achieved by each of the candidates thus far proposed individually. This mystery may not be as unsolvable as it seemed. The Soma brew was obviously a mixture of several plants. The case presented for the Amanita muscaria, by Wasson, and others, is very convincing, yet it is certainly not the end of the story. As you can see, by the research done in this work alone, there is ample evidence that the mushroom fits as an answer to the mystery in many ways. Recently, a book by Flattery and Schwartz makes a good case for Syrian Rue as their candidate of choice. McKenna, and others, have exhaustively covered the ecstatic visionary states produced by the Psilocybin mushrooms, and their validity as a candidate can not be discounted, nor should it be. McKenna speaks on this with authority. Although, he, like many others, consider the question unsolved at present (this current theory yet to be commented upon). The Opiate containing Poppies, as far as I know, have not been singled out as a candidate. I feel primarily due to the overwhelming evidence for the other proposed plants. However, The name Papaver somniferum has a big connection, which the others, the Harmala/Haoma relation excepted, do not. Soma/Somniferum have interesting linguistic links. Consider Somnambulism (Sleep-disease), which, interestingly, is when the DMT and Pinoline (discussed above) are excreted by the Pineal gland, during sleep. The answer could be that none of those proposed candidates for the ancient ecstasy producing food/drink of the Gods is wrong. Individually, each candidate falls short of the mark in producing the described state of consciousness expected, after reading the descriptions in the various religious texts. However, a mixture of these five plants, in this picture, may produce this long sought after and mysterious experience, which has remained an enigma for so many years.

After all: All roads do not lead to Rome. Different "keys" open different doorways, and different combinations open different locks. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that any experience is the same as any other. This is not the reality of plant entheogens. A chemical is (after all) a chemical, but it is not just any chemical, it is designated a name to distinguish it from all others. Pictured below are four of the plant sources that I think to be the admixture called SOMA (the same as depicted in the 12th century art above). Excluded is Cannabis, and the other green-plant-candidates. Left to right: Opium, Syrian Rue, Psilocybe (Wonderful painting: Courtesy "The Ones That Stain Blue"), and Amanita muscaria. Four plants pictured, five colors, green shown as if enclosing the others from below. This five-color theme recurs in many mystical traditions.



A look into the world mythologies reveals numerous claims of beings that have ascended beyond death into a spiritual dimension. A spiritual realm that is attainable through a quest, or search, for that illusive elixir of immortality. By virtue of this being so cosmopolitan throughout ancient documents, there appears to be a type of extreme importance to this life-quest. Also we must assume a historical common source, which appears to be, the indigenous natural practice of Shamanism. Certainly, before man could even write, let alone establish any sort of organized religion, those primitive humans fortunate enough to happen upon plants that expanded consciousness, suddenly became aware of something beyond the normal physical reality. This realization must have developed a new contemplation of death, and a desire for the individual to achieve immortality, and even to have a type of mythic hero's adventure along the way. This ascension beyond death mythology is also constantly found in the same context as plant entheogens, which produce the "death experience" (the function of the elixir). This receiving of the death experience, to conquer death spiritually, is the core study and practically the definition of Shamanism. Especially when compared to most spiritual traditions, which downplay, repress, or otherwise completely obscure any and all references to the usage of entheogenic plants, within the doctrinal belief system they profess to practice. This, in itself, is the core of the oppression of the natural indigenous spirituality, as it is, in its full fruition. The religious/societal oppression must be recognized as dogmatic, and repressive in nature by exposing the suppression of diverse individual human drives and fulfillment. Replacing natural human instincts to [1) Expand consciousness. 2) Enheighten awareness. 3) Experience plant substances. 4) Freely enjoy sexuality. 5) Engage in rhythmic dance and trance.] with a societal model of moral judgments against the freedom of these expressions, condemning them as a universal truth, and usurping authority to relinquish them to the nature of soul condemning sin is an absolute atrocity against mankind.

The nature of the hero's journey towards immortality also is associated with the search for an ultimate truth, which finding is a necessary step toward this goal of immortality. This also is a step taken in Shamanism, which the plant entheogens are known to teach, if one is able to understand. It is this teaching, which must strip away that which is in conflict with the natural indigenous makeup of the individuals seeker's belief system. Tuning the mind towards the higher frequency vibrations, which must be attuned to, in order to conquer death on a Spiritual (which is also physical) level. When the physical body dies, the Spirit is thought to wake, if the hero is able to make this happen. This is the practice of Shamanism, the journey into the death experience, the deep psychological introspection/judgment through plant induced states, in preparation for the inevitability of the ultimate event, the crowning glory of life itself, death. This is at the forefront of the Shamanic practice, rather than a quest relegated to the deity one worships. It resides at the core of individual experience.
One experiences heaven and hell, and all points in-between. The hell being mostly experienced as one recognizes, and then rejects (sometimes kicking and screaming) the deceptions accepted into one's cosmological belief system. Especially where these beliefs are deeply imbedded through years of societal conditioning, and are in direct contradiction with that indigenous spiritual nature of man. They become a second nature thought process, of which everything "one believes" relies upon, as the self manifested, yet culturally conditioned, as their foundation of existence. Much of the conflict between culturally imbedded belief and the naturally experienced indigenous nature of humanity revolves around sexuality. Freud was adamant in his thesis, wherein society must suppress, repress and fully renounce the instinctual drives in order for cultural advancement (this is recognition of the motivation behind patriarchal systems). According to Wilhelm Reich: "Freud's basic idea is that cultural achievements result from sublimated sexual energy, indicating that sexual suppression, or repression, is an indispensable factor in establishing any culture. Now there is already historical proof that this concept is erroneous, for there are highly cultured societies in which sexual suppression is non-existent and whose members enjoy completely free sexual lives. Thus is the nature of indigenous societies. It was precisely my attempts at a sex-political criticism of culture that gave weight to our very first differences of opinion." (Italics mine) Wilhelm Reich was talking about this very oppression of humanity's indigenous and natural spirituality, through an attack on individual freedom at its root source, sexuality. Freud's concept is a simple description of Patriarchal, sex-negative, entheogen denying, religious systems. That philosophy which is carried forward, and enforced by governmental regulation. A clear separation of church and state certainly must excise any attempt toward governmental sexual regulation, outside the scope of rape. And the same must not regulate the ingestion of plant entheogens, which are spiritual in nature. It is the very nature of the established religious/political bond that perpetuates the sex-negative, consciousness repressive society. This repression of mind and body, enforced by religious/governmental genocide, of all who resist their attempts at conversion, is exactly that life-force in human beings which is crying out from the past for retribution and reestablishment as the true spiritual human nature exiled. It is also always the quest of the hero to free friends, family and the world from an oppressive damaging tyrant or government. Of course one must first recognize that the tyranny exists, and why. This is the quest that must be carried on, and it should not be taken lightly. It is not an easy task, ever. Yet it is the quest of every human incarnated. The degree to which one accepts the task is oftentimes determined by how much a person is aware of their surroundings, the repressive nature of their environment, and whether or not they possess, and are not afraid to express, a sincere desire to do something about it. It is the very deep conditioning, and abstract yet convincing supposed logic, that holds grip upon most of the culturally initiated, in order to keep them in tow, as faithful servants of that very nature which creates spiritual conflict, and forces beings into reincarnation. Spiritual Death is that which consumes those who are not in contact with indigenous spirituality (which incorporates full individual freedom) but choose, consciously or unconsciously, to be the repressed and the repressors. Wilhelm Reich was imprisoned, died mysteriously thereafter, and his books confiscated and burned in the incinerators in New York by the F.D.A., in an attempt to stamp out once again the uprising of the indigenous natural spirituality of humanity, as it tries to break free of the corporate/religio-governmentally enforced repression.

Shamanism affords one the opportunity to experience these death and rebirth experiences, as practice for conquering actual death, as well as to receive the indigenous teaching that can be passed on to those interested in doing the same. That this indigenous teaching recognizes the repression of the human soul, on a global level, should not be surprising. Each individual knows within themselves the natural path, and is wounded spiritually through past life experiences of repression. This is imbedded into the psyche, and manifests as a fear of those authority figures pushing this repression, or a fear of challenging them. It is amazing the resistance an individual can muster to a reshaping of their belief system. Fiercely humans hold to their beliefs, rejecting anything that challenges their paradigm. Even to the point of becoming themselves the enforcers of their own oppression. This is exactly that process which one goes through at death. The inability to let go of repressive belief is the conflict that forces death and rebirth, holding one within the revolving door of incarnation which the indigenous Shaman, writers of the Hindu Vedas, call Samsara (the wheel of life).

So Shamanism does operate on an individual basis. The teachings are in direct opposition to those societal, religious and political norms. The industrial revolution, high technology, and the established patriarchal systems of Society have consciously attempted to stamp out the indigenous natural cultures of the planet, under the guise of civilizing the savage man. I for one am not buying it. If there is to be some type of rebirth of the planet, global enlightenment, an entry into a golden age, it must be centered on the true nature of mankind, and not a rehashing of the same old fake status quo. There will never be a global awakening which reveals everything religion has taught us about sin, guilt and repression of natural desires was right all along. The worse case scenario is this oppressive religio-governmental society gains more and more control and ability to enforce their beliefs on more individuals. A literal hell-on-earth is the end result. This will continue this situation, where that true indigenous spirituality cries from the deepest recesses of each of our souls, and the over-soul of humanity itself, to be set free, and we owe it to future generations not to let this happen to them.
The Amanita muscaria is the cornerstone of Shamanism, producing the quintessential death and rebirth experience. Despite the fact that Shamanism, by nature, rejects the yokes of patriarchal religion, Shamanism is the cornerstone of all Religions. Yet religion, as we have it today, by its very nature, has completely lost the natural indigenous freedom it professes to impart, the Natural Indigenous spiritual awakening for each individual by the plant of immortality, the most ancient of all spiritual traditions. In fact the key to the individual's quest for immortality. This event is also the awakening of the Spiritual being, which, although professed by most religious organizations, has an actuality that is seldom realized. Even Shamanism, in its various forms, is certainly not without its patriarchal sub-groups, and sex-negative branches, all things can be polluted, and in this world it seems that anytime something good rises to the surface, the desire of man to gain control and power winds up ruining it. It is possible to cut through and discard these corruptions; this is the way to get at the real nature of what religion should be all about. There must be meat and matter discovered somewhere in the historical roots of human consciousness which gave birth to the common quest mythologies of the world. This puts forward a good case for mankind’s indigenous, and most likely oldest, form of natural spirituality, Shamanism. http://web.archive.org/web/20040813122333/jamesarthur.net/mm_04.html



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Instruction and Cautions

It must be considered first that potency of these mushrooms varies. The Mushrooms picked early in the season seem to be a bit more potent than those at the end of the season. Although if you know exactly what this mushroom looks like, and I emphasize exactly, it is pretty difficult to mistake anything else for this very obvious mushroom: Never eat ANY Mushroom unless you are ABSOLUTELY 100% sure it is the one you want. Many mushrooms in the Amanita genus are deadly this means BE VERY CAREFUL!!

I cannot stress this enough. BE CAREFUL!!

Amanita muscaria can be "WELL" cooked and eaten in Scrambled eggs, beans, soups etc in small quantities (30 to 40 g. fresh weight) with good results. They are quite tasty like this and have been reported as giving a general sense of well-being. Notice I stressed, "Well" cooked, they should be cooked first to a well-done state so as to convert most of the Ibotenic acid to Muscimol (see below).

This is some of the information that I feel is important for anyone that is interested in the full-blown experience. Since it is a "DEATH (And Rebirth) EXPERIENCE" it is not for everyone. It bears NO resemblance to any other Entheogen (experience wise) and this includes any other kind of Mushroom. Many people have taken this mushroom only to have a misfire (too low dosage to get the full experience) and decided that the full-blown experience was not attainable with these. Others have taken enough to have the full-blown experience only to get the living shit scared out of them by what they reveal. The experience is such that one time and you will gain a new perspective but it takes several times to get a little bit of a grasp on the experience these mushrooms offer.

Please take these Precautions and Suggestions very seriously.

One thing I need to mention right off the bat, is that most people throw up. So you would not want to do this alone as throwing up, while in any out of body experience, can be dangerous. Many famous people have died from choking on their own vomit; do not make the same mistake.
• Have friends (monitors) there for sure.
• Make sure friends do not influence you in ANY way about your experience. No on site analysis.
• Make sure friends know your hearing is intensified as well as your psychic perceptions so there should be no conversations within your proximity, especially about your experience.
• Have friends write down or record what you say.
• Asking questions for clarity is ok, but avoid leading questions.
• If you have a particular quest: Write down your own questions for friends to ask you (reminder).
• If 2 or more people do it together they will merge and have a communal experience. Like the Vulcan mind meld.
• Music does not matter once state is achieved.
• If you watch a movie you will BE the movie. (Avoid Boxing matches) This has been reported in the latter parts of stage 2 experiences also.

People who are familiar with shamanic/ecstatic trance will not be surprised if an explorer takes off all their clothes and runs around babbling. Know this is a possibility. Friends: If you have never seen first hand an initiation ecstatic-trance in South Africa or South America or at least a videotape of one you may want to hunt some down. You will recognize it when you see it. Also when someone enters the spirit realm they put off their bodies. This means they may hit the ground. Be prepared for this possibility and prevent injuries accordingly. Write down what appears to be babbling because it will prove to be very unusual and interesting analysis material for later.

The best time/place for Amanitas

Late night/early morning. Wide-open spaces (no-one in yelling range) The Sunrise and sunlight are much better than the darkness; the light literally goes through you. You will feel yourself being born into light (feeling each and every cell as it changes).

The following recipe is for attempting the full-blown Amanita muscaria death- rebirth experience. Positive people have reported results that consume smaller amounts every day as well. This is the way to get at the full experience. It is most highly suggested that you recycle your urine because this is the high-magic alchemical process. Your body prepares the chemicals and separates them into your urine sop you can safely re-ingest them in a more potent state. You don't need to but you will need to consume more mushrooms if you don't and the mushrooms contain more of the Ibotenic acid which causes the uncomfortable and less desirable physical effects (sweating/nausea) whereas your body converts the Ibotenic acid to Muscimol which is that which produces the desirable effects. So if you can get over that old conditioning you will be the higher for it.

A decent size cap is 6" use 4 to 6 with stems. (Approx 28g dry weight)

Dry them first (Decarboxylation) crush or shred into powder or small pieces. (Coffee grinders work quite well for powdering the dried mushrooms).

Add to 6 cups of water keep just barely boiling (bubbling) for 1 hour.

Strain and cool. Drink 2 cups (or roughly half of the liquid). Or you can also just mix it relatively thin and drink the liquid with the pulp (this is what I suggest) but just consuming the strained material is easier (in case you are trying to keep this as easy as possible).

Make sure you make water before your first cup, because the rest of your water you are going to re-ingest. Yes I mean the consumption of your urine. Don't worry it will not hurt you. In fact if your ill it will help your body fight off whatever ails you since all of the antibodies your immune system makes to fight off disease are filtered off into your urine (an intentional miraculous process). Besides you are a serious explorer aren't you? Remember, in the Christianity section, I said that Jesus said to the woman at the well, "If you knew who I was, you would ask me for waters to drink, for I would give you living waters" He was not kidding. It is an alchemical process even for those who are conditioned with repugnance to certain things. It is just an easier one to swallow if you are not fed a predisposition to abhor the idea. Just chase it with some Iced Tea you'll be fine. The post- alchemical-process material is much better, and worth the effort. After first passing water wait an hour before consuming any more source material. Do not waste your urine keep recycling until you achieve the proper effects.

Wait 2 full hours for effects.

If desired effect is not achieved (you will definitely know)drink 1 more cup.

After 1 more hour, if the state is not achieved repeat.

Hopefully you have had some practice with Meditation. This comes into play because you are waking your Spiritual Consciousness into your Surface Consciousness state. There is massive Time compression.

3 states of Consciousness: This will help explain the experience.

1) Surface (Conditioned) Consciousness. Internal dialog and thought perception is approximately the same speed as voice (conversation).

2) Sub/supra (dream state) Consciousness. Some time compression, thought speed accelerated. Example: You may dream a whole days event in a few minutes.

3) Spiritual (the real you) Consciousness. You experience massive time compression. Thought speed is accelerated abundantly, possibly beyond time.

As in Meditation you let all thoughts pass through you without reaction. You may experience a floating or sinking sensation. The Yogis say to go upwards and try to keep yourself there. When you go down you experience the other side. If you go down you eventually will come back up. It seems the further down you go the higher you also go. This may seem confusing but while in the state you will understand.

The 3 stages of effects:

1) The first stage is generally euphoric. Expect a lightness of being as well as an assumption of increased strength.

2) The second stage is where you will feel a lightness or a heaviness coming on. This is where you are starting to "Put Off" your physical body. Expect to feel like you are spiritually (and physically) falling through or shooting into space. You may feel an excessive HEAVINESS in your feet, legs (up to the knees or hips) then moving to the rest of your torso. If you lie down (highly recommended) you will feel your whole body getting heavy, and the sensation that you are flying out of it.

3) The third stage sometimes has an "In and Out" effect as it comes on. You should definitely lie down when this happens. You will feel a flash that is a jump into another dimension. When this happens, if you are standing up, you will fall down. So make sure you are lying comfortably as this starts to happen. These flashes will at first be instantaneous. The perception is that you are leaving and returning having seen something completely different than your present surroundings. Then the flash turns into a full dimensional shift. This is when many people experience their life flashing before their eyes. You may start to panic, thinking you have eaten the wrong thing or have made a fatal mistake. This is where you will want your friends to reassure you that you are not going to die. Friends may also call the person by name and wake them temporarily. This is good for monitoring purposes because for the experiencer things are happening so fast that there is no way to bring back all of the things that have been seen. If you do not reach the 3rd stage, you may want to try again at another time as this 3rd stage is where all the action is happening and is the sought after effect.

Amanita Muscaria is not similar to anything else. No other experiences have any relationship to this experience. Excepting perhaps the traditional N.D.E. (Near Death Experience). When the time compression factor occurs expect to see your life flashing before your eyes. The reason this is thought of as a near death experience is this effect. If you understand the concept of Re- incarnation then you can grasp the concept that you have died before, maybe many, many times. Therefore this flash of your life before your eyes is familiar. This is not just a simple "hey I felt like I was dying" thing. You literally know you are dying because of the nature of the experience. If you are not familiar with (or a believer in) Reincarnation, it has little bearing with the experience itself. Just know you will see your life flash before your eyes (interpret it as you will). I know that this whole explanation of this event is hard to believe, but if you feel inclined to do it by yourself (without friends) this is a choice I can only advise against. It's just a suggestion, but a very strong one.

I am adding the following from page 4 of the website because it is so very important when a recipe for success is being sought. Keep in mind that I suggest that you always obtain any plant entheogens you intend to consume on your own. This means go out into the fields and mountains and pick that which nature offers you. Be careful not to piss off any property owners, or other people that might think it their business to concern themselves with what you are ingesting into your body. Try not to associate yourself with those individuals that traffic in illegal substances. Those engaged in Heroin, Crank, or Crack will not have the mushrooms anyways. It is usually best to pick your own. Amanita muscaria is not illegal, and drug dealers will not have them. With that in mind consult the following. I feel that this is a remnant of one possible recipe for SOMA, AMBROSIA, AMRITA, NECTAR and a sacrament known by many other names.


Figure 2-23/24. Jesus in an obvious pose as the lord of plants. 12th century, Canterbury psalter.

Although Christianity (as most every other Religion) claims to have the express route to God, and exclusivity to the heavenly realms, this can be found imbedded, hidden inside most every religious order on our infantile planet. If (and I say this only to be objective) there is validity to any or all of these ancient, and not so ancient traditions, it must be found in the real meat of the concept and actuality of the existence of an "other world" a spiritual existence that is best experienced and understood in the way it originally was meant to be understood.

This first hand understanding is through the ingestion of the holy substance of which there has been so much written that this brief expose' merely scratches the surface. It IS this direct communal contact that is truly the means whereby a human being can experience his true spiritual nature. One must take very seriously his or her spirituality, for this is that which we truly are. As I stated in the opening sentence, "This experience is of extremely great value". So much in fact that I feel it necessary to the evolutionary process of each and every individual and inevitably to all of Mankind.

A Careful look at this picture (Jesus above the four plants underscored by the green vine) may reveal much more than is on the surface. This may be an alchemical recipe for the ingredients of Soma (or whatever you want to call the elixir of the Gods) The red one on the right is pretty clearly the Amanita muscaria (which produces the quickening of the spirit). The next one is clearly another mushroom, but it is blue. This would indicate a Psilocybe species (which opens the third eye). Next we may have the depiction of the Syrian Rue plant pod that happens to match this depiction in color as well as structure (this increases the properties of the other compounds, and it is likely to possess other unknown qualities). Fourth is a depiction of the Opium Poppy (which due to the euphoria this plant induces, it enables one to relax enough to let go, which otherwise is a very difficult thing to do in order to fully experience the visionary state, or withstand the beautific vision). Fifth is the green vine that underscores the other four, I suggest that this may represent Cannabis (which is used to prevent nausea and also enhances other things as well as reactivating neuro-pathways opened by other entheogens). Thus five plants depicted in one picture, when understanding the properties of each, as well as why each plant could play an important part in inducing the ultimate brew, may be the key to unlocking the mystery of Soma. The problem in concluding the discussion of what exactly Soma was rests in the disappointment in the experience achieved by each of the candidates thus far proposed individually. This mystery may not be as unsolvable as it seemed. The Soma brew was obviously a mixture of several plants. The case presented for the Amanita Muscaria by Wasson and others is very convincing. As you can see by the research done in this work alone, there is ample evidence that the mushroom fits as an answer to the mystery in many ways. Recently a new book by Flattery and Schwartz makes a good case for Syrian Rue as their candidate of choice. McKenna and others have exhaustively covered the ecstatic visionary states produced by the Psilocybin mushrooms and their validity as a candidate cannot be discounted, nor should it be. McKenna speaks on this with authority. Although he, like many others, consider the question unsolved at present (this current theory yet to be considered). The Opiate Poppies, as far as I know, have not been singled out as a candidate; I feel primarily due to the overwhelming evidence for the other proposed plants. However, The name Papaver Somniferum is a big clue. Soma/Somniferum possesses interesting linguistic links. The answer could be that none of those proposed candidates for the ancient ecstasy producing food/drink of the Gods is wrong. Individually each candidate falls short of the mark in producing the described state of consciousness expected after reading the descriptions in the various religious texts. However a mixture of these five plants in this picture may produce this long sought after and mysterious experience that has remained an enigma for so many years.

All roads do not lead to Rome. Different "keys" open different doorways, and different combinations open different locks. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that any experience is the same as any other; this is not the case with plant entheogens. A chemical is (after all) a chemical, but a chemical it is not the same as every other chemical. Below are 4 of the plant sources for that which I think to be the admixture called Soma (the same as depicted in the 11th century art above). Excluded is Cannabis (Or the green DMT containing plants. Left to right: Opium, Syrian Rue, Psilocybe, and Amanita muscaria. 5 plants, 5 colors. This 5-color theme recurs in many mystical traditions.

DISCLAIMER: This is for informational purposes only. I am not suggesting or implying that anyone should consume anything. If you read this and decide to consume anything don't blame me if you screw up. Being a SHAMAN is not for the curious. It is a serious field of study with potentially dangerous substances involved. Like I said a million times, BE CAREFUL. Should you decide to take the Shaman's path please be sure to make 100% sure about the quality and correct identification of any Entheogenic substances you choose to ingest. Purchase your supplies at a fully reputable supplier.



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Ant wrote:
Ciggy wrote:You don't eat the Shroom. The Shroom eats you.

And where there's resistance.... Hehe, you're gonna have one of those "bad trips" you hear about in the media from time to time. (W)

I know from first-hand experience this is true: at first I was completely wide open to the experience at it was amazing. And then later I started to worry about the length of time I kept on tripping, and then started to resist it, and then that's when it turned "bad".

Of course I'm out of my mind. It's dark and scary in there.

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