Andy Letcher: Shroom

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Andy Letcher: Shroom

Unread post by Ant » December 27th, 2008, 2:35 pm


Is Santa Claus really a magic mushroom in disguise? Was Alice in Wonderland a thinly veiled psychedelic mushroom odyssey? Did mushroom tea kick-start ancient Greek philosophy? Much stranger than the fictions it has inspired, the world of the magic mushroom is a place where shamans and hippies rub shoulders with psychiatrists, poets and international bankers. The 'magic mushroom' was only rediscovered fifty years ago, but has accumulated all sorts of folktales and urban legends along the way. In this timely and definitive study, Andy Letcher strips away the myths to get at the true story of how hallucinogenic mushrooms, once shunned in the West as the most pernicious of poisons, came to be the illicit drug of choice. Chronicling the history of the magic mushroom from its use by the Aztecs of Central America and the tribes of Siberia through to the present day, Letcher takes a critical and humorous look at the drug's popular image and underground culture.


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The newspapers love this book.

Some reviews.... ... 80821.html ... anreview31 ... esi-t.html ... oom03.html ... ku=5661640

Here's my favorite one.... ... _mushrooms

New Book, The Holy Mushroom
Comment posted by Anonymous on Tue, 04/15/2008 - 12:52am

My name is Jan Irvin, I published Astrotheology & Shamanism in 2006, and The Pharmacratic Inquisition DVD, 2007, with Andrew Rutajit. I have a new book coming out this summer which completely refutes Letcher's book:

THE HOLY MUSHROOM: Evidence of Mushrooms in Judeo-Christianity - A critical re-evaluation of the schism between John M. Allegro and R. Gordon Wasson over the theory on the entheogenic origins of Christianity presented in The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross by Jan Irvin

Also coming out this summer are two other books which completely refute Letcher's "research":

The Most High by Jack Herer

False God by Prof. John Rush

In 2009 Prof. Carl Ruck will also be publishing Entheogens in Christianity and further refutes Letcher.

EVERY SINGLE PIECE of evidence, for example, that Letcher presented against Allegro alone has been 100% refuted. I have personally worked for nearly four years with Allegro's daughter, Judith Anne Brown, and we were unable to verify ANY of Letcher's claims (as well as previous attacks on Allegro).

Prof. Carl Ruck and Prof. John Rush have both come out in complete support of Allegro's research, due to all of the latest findings over the last 15 years - which of course Letcher completely ignored!

In fact, Letcher focused the core of his research only on Wasson, Allegro and McKenna, and did a poor job at that, ignoring 40 years worth and about 40 other scholars research to make his case - as the reference to the Renegade Bishops and the Holy Mushroom, (posted above by another reviewer) shows. Unfortunately for Letcher, he was debunked way back in 1994, by Harvard University, 12 years before his tripe was ever written.

Furthermore, Letcher attacks OLD research regarding ergot and the Eleusinian mysteries - he completely misses Peter Webster's new research on Kykeon as well as Prof. Ruck's research in Sacred Mushrooms of the Goddess, 2006.

Anyone who thinks Letcher's work is anything of substance shows their OWN lack of study and ignorance in this field. Letcher's book is DISINFORMATION, people! It's garbage research. How the hell else would a book on entheogens make it in to the major American book sellers: Barns and Noble, Borders, etc? Here in California last year that book had front window status in these stores.

The UK edition of Letcher's book was targeted for release with the absurd Refer Madness-like propaganda film from England in 2006 called Shrooms - which was quite literally the worst movie I've seen in 10 years and two hours of my life I will never get back. ... =15&t=4388

The lengths they go to demonize the mushroom is amazing.

Well, i suppose they have to really, because if the truth about them and their healing properties were truly known about worldwide, the capitalist 9 to 5 society we live in will crumble instantly.

It would mean the end of having billions of pounds / dollars / euros, etc, because money would become worthless.



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Re: Andy Letcher: Shroom

Unread post by I AM ALL I AM » December 28th, 2008, 10:59 pm


G'day Ant. :wave (TH)

Thanks for the download link mate. (TU) Another book goes into the collection. :D




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Re: Andy Letcher: Shroom

Unread post by Zachary » August 27th, 2009, 7:30 am


Aye, I picked up Andy Letcher's book a year ago or so thinking it would be good... boy was I wrong (SMILE)


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