Greetings from the UK and a question for you!

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Greetings from the UK and a question for you!

Unread post by Genovas Witness » April 14th, 2016, 10:37 am

Hello everyone,
I'm looking for information from several years ago regarding the David Icke Forum specifically a former moderator called Darketernal or his real name Jason Blaha. Some of you may recognise this name and he has become synonymous in the community I am from (bodybuilding). Apparently between 2006 & 2009 he was passing himself off on the DIF as Illuminati Reptilian Overlord (excuse my ignorance but I have no idea what that is, although I admit it does sound strange!) and causing havoc on the DIF as it turned out the majority of his stories were fabricated and he was a charlatan.

He is doing the exact same thing in our community, he is passing himself off as a bodybuilding guru claiming he was once a bodybuilder, powerlifting champion and steroid expert who gave advice to top athletes. We have found out this is all lies and he is getting away with giving advice to people when he has little to no knowledge on these subjects. He has also done this several times before, he has pretended to be a CIA mercenary killer and also we have heard a white supremacist (though I cannot confirm this 100% accurate, though we do have masses of proof it is) on different forums. Jason is a bit of a celebrity in our community he has a fan base and a youtube channel with over 80k subscribers and gives advice (very poor advice may I add). I hate to judge but his appearance alone does not give the impression of a bodybuilding expert (please search and see for yourself), and the advice he is giving is bad and potentially dangerous to use. In fact some of our members have used his advice and it has not worked and some have injured themselves in the process. Yet many still believe his lies as we have yet to discover who exactly he really is.

We are looking for answers, we are trying to find out things which can give us an idea of who and what he has done in the past. Please can anyone with any knowledge of Jason, Darketernal or the events of what happened at that time on the David Icke Forum please contact me either in this topic or in a private message. Any information will be greatly appreciated and will help us to find the truth of who he is and why he pretends to be things he is not. It may even help us expose him and hopefully stop other people from receiving bad information, fake guidance and advice from a person who has no knowledge or expertise and is doing more harm than good in our community.

Thank you for taking the time to read this any help is appreciated but please do not feel obliged to answer. Also apologies if I may have offended anyone, I know I may come across as blunt, please simply ignore my ramblings.