Here to stay?

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Here to stay?

Unread post by strider » October 2nd, 2013, 7:50 pm

Got told it was back online and came here to have a ganders, but then it was gone again a few days later, but then saw IAAIA linking to it on sanctum zone last night.

Is it here to stay for a while at least?

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Re: Here to stay?

Unread post by UG » October 3rd, 2013, 1:37 pm

Atleast for a year, if I'll have the money then also for another year...
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Re: Here to stay?

Unread post by I AM ALL I AM » October 9th, 2013, 6:16 am



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Re: Here to stay?

Unread post by Black Cloud » October 24th, 2013, 8:35 am


back for good, yaay :cool2011

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