Free Food - Worldwide!

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Free Food - Worldwide!

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Would you like
all year round?

Here is one way to bring it to fruition.
There are grassy areas outside most homes. If food bearing trees were to be planted in these areas then there would be enough food for everyone. Imagine a fruit or nut tree
on the nature strip or in the front yard of homes all over Australia. The streets would
be lined with food bearing trees. Fresh food would be available for all.

Oranges, apples, bananas, avocados, berries, walnuts, mangoes, lemons, almonds, pears, macadamias, plums, pecans, cherries, figs, olives, mulberry, etc.

If only every one in four planted a food bearing tree outside the place that they were
living in there would be enough for all. Trees produce a lot of fruit!

What if the council planted fruit and nut trees instead of ornamentals along the nature strips? What if each reserve, park and garden was planted with fruit bearing trees?
But who wants to rely on governments for their food supply?

Doing It Yourself

The benefits of DIY:
The trees can be grown organically, without poisons such as pesticides and
herbicides. Councils often spray vegetation with these poisons.
By planting the trees yourself, you know that they are organic.
For how can putting poisons into the ecosystem be beneficial to anyone?

We have begun by planting a mandarin tree in the unfenced front yard where we live.
It is right by the nature strip so people walking past can help themselves to its fruit.
Just one tree out the front of a home can provide a lot of free food for all to enjoy.

Benefits of food bearing trees lining the streets.

Community interaction – people can get together and help each other to plant and harvest and share knowledge about which food bearing trees are suitable for a particular area's climate and size of land.
Free healthy food available for everyone.
Reduced food bills.
Reduced petrol use – there are no transport costs when food is growing a short stroll from your front door.
They say that “fresh is best”, what can be fresher than picking and eating from the tree.

Community vegetable gardens could be planted on vacant land. New housing developments could be planted out with fruit and nut trees and areas can be set aside for community vegetable gardens. It is already being done in some parts of Australia:

Eating simply to simply live,

To my body I do give,

Nature’s bounty, a loving gift,

A source of nourishment to uplift.


For a truth that I have found,

Is that food grown in the ground,

Gives everything the body does need,

To perform each and every deed.

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