What Is The Matrix ?

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What Is The Matrix ?

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In the movie, 'The Matrix', Neo takes the red pill that is used to interrupt his carrier signal so that his position can be located in the 'real' world.

Is taking a mind altering substance, ayahuasca, mescalin, psilocybe mushrooms, aminita muscaria mushrooms, etc, etc, a way of disrupting your output signal of your DNA strand, which gives off a low level frequency pulse, and in turn interrupts the 'program' of beliefs that you have 'running' to open you up to a new 'reality' that you do not experience BECAUSE of the 'program' that you have 'running' ?

Basically, when you take a mind altering substance, you alter the chemical balance within your physical structure. By altering the chemical balance, you enable a different perception to transcend the one that you normally experience.

First, Ruperto sprayed us with perfumed water and smoked us with his tobacco. He then sat with us and began whistling a melody of surprising beauty.

I could already see kaleidoscopic images in front of my eyes, but I did not feel well. Despite Ruperto's melody, I stood up to go and vomit. Having eliminated the remains of the deer and fried yucca meal, I went back to my seat feeling relieved. Ruperto told me that, without doubt, I had also thrown up the Ayahuasca and that I could take it again if I wanted so. I agreed. He checked my pulse and declared me strong enough for a "regular" dose, which I swallowed.

Ruperto whistled again while I sat down on the dark platform. Images began to flood my head. In my notes, I describe them as "unusual or horrible: an agouti baring his teeth inside a bloody mouth, multicolour serpents, very brilliant and shining, a policeman that caused trouble, my father looking at me with a worried look".

I found myself trapped by what I perceived as two giant boas, approximately sixty centimetres high and twelve to fifteen metres long. I was absolutely terrified. "These enormous serpents are there, I have my eyes shut and I see a spectacular world of bright lights, and in the middle of my entangled thoughts the serpents begin to speak to me without words. They explain to me that I am only a human being. I feel my spirit break, and in the crack I see the bottomless arrogance of my a priori. It is deeply true that I am only a human being and that most of the time I have the sensation of understanding everything, while here I find myself in a more powerful reality that I do not understand in any way and that, due to my arrogance, I did not even suspect it existed. I feel like crying before the enormity of these revelations, but I get the idea that this self-compassion is a part of my arrogance. I feel so ashamed that I dare not feel ashamed again. Nevertheless, I must vomit again."

I got up totally disoriented, and sincerely asking the fluorescent serpents for pardon, I jumped over them as a drunken somnambulist and went to the tree next to the house, below the kitchen.

Although I now tell about this experience with words on paper, in that moment language itself seemed insufficient. This situation was profoundly torturing, as if my last bond with "reality" had been cut. Moreover, "reality" here seems to be a faraway and one-dimensional memory. However, I come to mentally understand my feelings, as a "poor and small human being who has lost his language and feels pity for himself."

I had never felt so deeply humble until that moment. Leaning on the tree, I regurgitated again. In Ashaninka language, Ayahuasca is called Kamarami, from the verb kamarank, "to vomit". I closed my eyes and only saw red. I saw inside my body, red.

"I regurgitate an electric red liquid, like blood, my throat is bad. I open my eyes and I feel presences by my side, an obscure presence on my left, about a metre away from my head, and a clear presence on my right, also a metre away. Since I am turning more to the left, I am not upset by the obscure presence because I am conscious of it. But I am startled when I become conscious of the clear presence, and turning to look at it, I do not truly get to see it with my eyes. I feel so bad and I have so little control of my sense that I do not have a real desire to see the clear presence. I am lucid enough to know that I am not vomiting blood. After a moment I ask myself what is to be done. I have so little control that I abandon myself to instructions that seem to come from outside me (from the obscure presence?): now it is time to stop vomiting, now it is time to spit, to blow your nose, to rinse your mouth, to avoid swallowing water. I am thirsty but my body stops me from drinking."

In a given moment, in the midst of these ablutions, I raised my head and I saw an Ashaninka woman, dressed with a long traditional cotton gown (Cushma), who stopped about seven metres away from me. She seemed to be levitating above the ground. I saw her in the darkness, which had become clear. Light resembled a film showing an "American night", namely, a scene filmed during the day but using a dark filter to make it look like night. Looking at this woman who watched me silently in this suddenly clear night, I was once again profoundly thunder-struck by the familiarity of these people with a reality that transformed all my axioms and which I totally ignored.

"I am still confounded when I consider I am done, and I even wash my face and go back in amazement to the fact that I have accepted doing all this complacently alone. I leave the tree, the kitchen, the two presences and the floating woman, and I return to the group. Ruperto asks: 'Did they tell you not to swallow water?' I respond: 'Yes.' 'Are you dizzy?'. 'Yes.' I settle down and he restarts his singing. I never heard such beautiful music, little fluid tremors, a high voice almost chirping. I follow it and take off. I fly in the air, hundreds of metres above the ground, and looking down, I see a white planet. All at once, the singing stops and I find myself on the ground telling me: 'It is not possible for him to stop now.' I only see confusing images with a certain erotic content, such as a woman with twenty breasts! He restarts his singing and I see a green leaf with its nervures, then a human hand with its lines, and so on without rest. It is impossible to remember it all."

Little by little, the images disappear. I was exhausted. A little after midnight, I fell asleep.

From: The Cosmic Serpent, Jeremy Narby.

There are obviously different ways in which we experience life. This can be reasoned because we each have our own unique description of our experiences of life. Taking this into consideration with the fact that our DNA gives off a low level frequency pulse, there is ample circumstantial evidence to suggest to us that our beliefs determine the way that we view and interact with life.

- When you have healed someone, as you have healed Sabino the other day, how does tobacco work? If you are the one inhaling the smoke, how can tobacco heal the person who is not smoking?
- I always say that it is tobacco's property to show me real things. I can see things the way they really are. And he drives out all pains.
- Oh, but how has that property been discovered? Does tobacco only grow in the jungle?
- There is a place, for example, in Napiari, where tobacco grows abundantly.
- Where?
- On the Perene. We have learned about its power through Ayahuasca, that other plant, since it is the mother.
- Which is the mother, tobacco or Ayahuasca?
- Ayahuasca.
- And tobacco is its son?
- It is its son.
- Because tobacco is not as strong, right?
- It is less strong.
- You have told me that both tobacco and Ayahuasca contain gods.
- That is so.
- And you have told me that souls love tobacco. Why?
- Because tobacco has its method, its strength. It attracts the maninkari. It is the best contact for a human being's life.
- And those souls, what are they like?
- I know that every living or dead soul is like those radio waves flying around in the air.
- Where?
- In the air. This means that you can't see them but they are there, like radio waves. Once you turn on the radio, you can receive them. It is the same with souls, with Ayahuasca and tobacco you can see them and hear them.
- And how is it that when the Ayahuasquero sings we hear music that we had never heard before, such beautiful music?
- Well, that attracts the spirits, and as I have always said, when you think it over… (long silence) It is like a tape recorder. You put it there, you start it, it starts singing: hum, hum, hum, hum, hum. And you begin to sing along it. Once you sing, you get to understand it and you can follow its music because you have heard its voice. So music is born, it comes and you can see it. As it happened the other time when Ruperto was singing.
- Tabaquero and Ayahuasquero, are they the same thing?
- The same.
- Well, and I want to know why we see serpents when we take Ayahuasca.
- It's because Ayahuasca's mother is a serpent. Can't you see they have the same shape?
- But I thought that Ayahuasca was tobacco's mother?
- It is so.
- But then, who is the owner of these plants?
- The owners of these plants are really like gods. They are the Maninkari. It is them who help us. Their existence has no end or disease. That is the reason why they tell the Ayahuasquero to put his head in the very dark house: 'If you want me to help you, do it well, then. I give you this power not just for you but for everyone.' Then, clearly, there it is, the force to decide if you want more life by believing in the plant. It is the way. For that reason they say there is a very narrow road that no one can pass, not even with a machete. It is not a straight path, but at least it is a road. I abide by these words, and also where it says that truth is not for sale, that wisdom is for you but it should be shared. In other words, this means that to make money out of this is wrong.

From: The Cosmic Serpent, Jeremy Narby.

In relationship to the above quote, the tobacco in the Amazon jungle is up to 18 times stronger than that used in store bought cigarettes. There is no added chemicals such as fertilisers, sprays, or such things as polyvinyl acetate, which the tobacco companies add to their cigarettes. In the Amazon, tobacco is considered a healer and after all studies done with 'shamanic' use of tobacco, there are no cases of any forms of cancer caused by its use.

Now, adding all of this together, is 'The Matrix' simply a set of beliefs that we have been 'programmed' with from birth to believe in that are then emitted through our DNA strand to control our perceptions of our life experiences and our interaction with all of life ???

If it is, does this then mean that the substances that alter the signal that our DNA gives off allow us to bypass the 'programming' and reach a state of consciousness 'beyond' it which is in harmony with life ???

Is this the reason that such substances are are 'illegal' in most countries, demonised by the religious cults and declared to be 'harmful', when in fact the opposite is true ???

What are your thoughts ???





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Re: What Is The Matrix ?

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Jon De Pew's take on the matrix

Heres Dr Len Horrowitz's opinion on the matter




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Re: What Is The Matrix ?

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